Big Change at Stellar Seeds

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Stellar Seeds has gone through some milestones and big changes in the past few months. We have reached our 10th anniversary, which we are very excited about. Thank you for supporting us and making that possible. Our other big news is that we moved at the beginning of November. We now live and operate in the West Kootenays in the small community of Johnson’s Landing at the north end of Kootenay Lake. We love it here. We have been very warmly welcomed by the community here and are looking forward to working on and developing on our own piece of land. And, we have a lot of work ahead of us, from outbuildings to establishing a garden and deer fencing. But, we’re really looking forward to the big learning curve ahead.

That being said, Stellar Seeds is still going to run and operate the same way it always has, just from a different location. We have some great new crops to offer seeds of this winter, as well as lots of customer favourites. Our catalogue should be available by Christmas 2010 and will start mailing out seeds in January 2011.

We have also hired the wonderful, talented Dan Trobak ( of Kaslo, BC to update our website for us this year. On it, we will have many new pages (where to find our seeds in stores, grower profiles, message boards) along with our selection of seeds. We are really excited about how it is looking. It will be ready on Winter Solstice 2010, just in time for Christmas.

We are also looking forward to attending many Seedy Saturdays across the province this upcoming February and March, checking out new ones in our local area, as well as going to old favourites. We will post a list of Seedy Saturdays where our seeds will be available when we have confirmed everything.