Big Changes are Afoot

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big changes are afoot at Stellar Seeds. This fall we have relocated to our new farm on Kootenay Lake in the small community of Johnson’s Landing. We’ve been welcomed warmly here, and are delighted to be farming a beautiful field on the slopes of the majestic Purcell mountains. Our southern and western exposure not only gives us inspiring views of the lake and mountains around us, but warms the soil, drains frost, gives long hours of afternoon sunshine, and promises many years of good seed production ahead.

This past summer, we marked our 10th anniversary. Most of those years were spent in partnership with our friends at Left Fields in Sorrento, where we shared their farm and established our seed company. Our new farm has an agricultural legacy dating back almost a century, but has lied fallow for over twenty years. We’ve started by ploughing a portion of our property for seed and food production, while we focus on infrastructure projects that will allow us to grow forward over the coming years.

Our medicinal herbs section has expanded this year and we’ve enjoyed the sight of these regal plants in our fields, as well as the diversity they’ve brought to our farmscape. Many are magnets for beneficial insects, doing dual work healing our garden as well as our health. It seems obvious that every piece of land should provide nourishment and medicine. Why didn’t we see it sooner?

We’ve also redesigned our website. Here you’ll find pictures of our crops and our farm, customer forums, seedsaving tips, books and resources, bulk seed listings, grower profiles and more. We’ll be updating the site regularly with photos and stories from our work turning this great piece of land into a thriving farm full of food, seeds and breeds.

May the sun shine and your garden grow fine,
Patrick Steiner and Colleen O’Brien