Cool weather great for growing greens!

Monday, June 11, 2012

It is definately a cool and wet spring here in British Columbia. You might be wishing for sun and heat so your tomatoes and peppers thrive, but look on the bright side - it couldn't be better for growing your salad greens. Lettuces and other greens are thriving right now. Just look at this picture of one of our beds of salad mix for the Kaslo Saturday Market. Beautiful and perfect greens. Browse our selection of heirloom lettuces or specialty greens and order some seeds for your garden today, you won't be disappointed when you put out that lovely bowl of fresh, tasty greens at dinner time. And neither will your table mates.

If you've already planted your garden keep in mind that the key to bountiful harvests all season long is staggered plantings. Now is the time to get your second planting of peas in the ground, or another sowing of lettuces and greens so that as the first set bolts you have new ones coming into maturity and ready for harvest. At Stellar Seeds we've also planted second crops of carrots, cilantro and radish. Succession planting in this way helps make the most of your summer season - you'll be harvesting load and loads of great food.

All the best for your plantings this season,

The Stellar Seeds crew.