Cooler NIghts, Autumn Moods

Thursday, August 25, 2011

While the days are still hot and summery, there is no doubt that the cooler nights herald the nearness of autumn. Like many of our customers and friends, we're busy harvesting the bounty of our gardens, and tending to the fields on our farm. Cover crops of oats, peas and clover are growing thick and beautiful, promising a great feed of organic matter and nutrients for our soil. Infrastructure projects such as our goat barn and greenhouse are underway, and root crops like carrots, potatoes and beets (see photo) are swelling in their underground homes, just waiting to be forked and stored away for wintertime meals.

We've been on the phone with many of our farm friends who grow and provide seeds for us, and while this years challenging weather has certainly caused a few seed crop failures, many of them are growing well. Some of those seeds have already been harvested and are being cleaned right now. Others are still maturing, or are in the drying down phase, nearing the ideal time to be harvested. It makes us proud to think of all the farmer-partners we have that are out there making the dream of a local, organic seed supply a reality. Thank you seed growers!

May all of you who grow and support organic and local seeds have a great fall harvest. We wish you an abundance of nourishing food for your larders, cellars and shelves. Keep checking in with us, we'll be posting updates on new seed crops available in 2012 this fall. We hope you'll plan to make Stellar Seeds a part of your farm or garden again next year!