End of Summer, Start of Seed Harvest

Monday, August 27, 2012

As the days get visibly shorter, and the extreme heat of August wains we find ourselves busier and busier with the task of harvesting seeds, threshing them from their pods and stalks, sifting and winnowing them from the chaffe and generally getting them cleaned up in preparation for the coming winter and seed season. It's a never-ending circle that keeps us tuned to the turn of the seasons, nature's rhythms, and the annual life cycle of the plants we work so closely with.

With the help of our stellar apprentice Jesse Howardson and our equally great employee Lindsay Snyder, we've started bringing in seed crops of peas, fava, mizuna, bekana, ground cherries and other physalis. Following quickly on the heels of that we're prepping for beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cress, tomatillo and more.

In the photo here you'll see myself and Colleen along with our new baby boy, Maël. Behind us is the drying Green Arrow pea seed crop. We pull the plants and hang them on their trellis like this to promote full maturation of all the seeds in the field, then thresh and clean them on the spot. Later they'll go through a final cleaning and sorting, then get tested for germination rates before being ready to package up for you, our customers.

We've still two more months of field work before the farm is typically put to bed for winter, but it already feels like we're on the home stretch, and as we clean out some of our beds they are being sown to fall rye cover crops in preparation for the Big Sleep of winter.

We wish you happy times in your fields and gardens, harvesting the abundance of the earth's bounty. Here's to stocked larders, heavy wheelbarrows laden with veggie goodness!