Fundraising Campaign for Stellar Seeds

Friday, November 02, 2012

All the seeds from our fields are harvested and in the process of being cleaned and prepped for the 2013 season. You can see a picture of our apprentice Jesse Howardson harvesting lettuce seed, one of the regular tasks of our fall seed gathering. This season has been a difficult one at our farm. In July, our community was shocked when a huge landslide tore down the mountain and wiped out homes and took lives. The rest of the summer and fall have been spent coming to terms with that event, and trying to rebuild some critical community infrastructure, like our water system. It's also meant a lot of soul-searching for ourselves and our neighbours as we reflect on the reasons we live here and weigh the pro's and con's of life in Johnson's Landing. Fortunately for us, our farm is situated away from the slide path and our location is safe.

Some of you have asked if we'll have seeds available this winter, and the answer is a definate yes! Though we struggled with irrigation woes due to the landslide, and lost some crops entirely, we still harvested good quantities of some of our most popular seeds. And, of course, Stellar Seeds also works with other local farmers who grow seeds for us. Their harvests will help to ensure we offer you, our customer, a wide variety of high quality, organic and locally grown seeds this year. Our new seed listing will be posted to this website in late December and we'll start sending out orders in January as we always do.

Friends and suppporters of ours have mounted a fundraising campaign to help offset our losses this year, and we thank all of you who have contributed generously. The concern and support for us after the landslide has rejuvenated us and made us feel all the more committed to the work that we do, growing and disseminating heritage, open-pollinated seeds for farmers and gardeners. To read more about our farm and the effect of the landslide, or to make a donation to our fundraising campaign, please visit