Happy Spring!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ahhh ... spring! It's time to get outside and plant your gardens and grow beautiful, healthy food to satisfy your cravings during the summer and maybe into the winter. It's been a super late spring here (we hear we're about a month behind schedule), as it sounds like it has been in many other places across the province. But, just in the past week it finally feels like spring may be here! The bud are starting to blossom and the garlic quickly growing. It feels great.

We had a super busy, exhausting winter this year. We were started off way behind from our usual schedule because of our move - who knew moving a farm took so long??? But, we're finally feeling caught up and are trying to get back to a more sustainable work schedule. We did have a great winter though making new contacts and meeting new faces, as well as renewing our friendships with other farmers, gardeners and seed savers across the province.

Our new property is starting to take shape and feel like home. We have made the tough decision to greatly decrease the number of seeds we will be producing this year (but will be back full swing next year) in order to work on weed pressure and fertility in our main field. So, we will be spending this season working on our field, growing a small amount of seed and growing some fresh veggies in a neighbour's garden for our own eating. We will also be focusing on putting up some infrastructure at our farm. We have just finished putting up our first deer fence (around about 2 acres) and it has been successful in keeping out deer so far! We are also going to work on projects like creating a greenhouse, tool shed, a wood shed and maybe a cabin for our amazing WWOOFers that visit us during the season to stay in. We have also just purchased our own tractor to help us out with many of our big farm tasks ahead of us and to keep weeds under control in our field. There are many other things that we have to figure out at our new place, as it hasn't been in production for many years. We are also hoping to get some small livestock this year and are hoping to chickens and ducks.

We are really happy where we are and are looking forward to creating our farming space with our own vision. We want to wish everyone a happy gardening season. Happy planting!