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Friday, January 06, 2012

Now that we are all well into the swing of the new year, many of us are thinking of our gardens and planning for the upcoming growing season. That means we're looking through seed catalogues and browsing websites in search of what we want to plant this spring. At Stellar Seeds we're busy packing seeds to ship out to you, our customers, and to stores across BC and Alberta that carry our seed racks. Want to know if there is a retailer near you with our seeds? Just click on the "Stores" tab in the top menu and scroll down our list of retail outlets.

Or you can order directly from us, right here on this website using the convenient shopping cart system. Oh, happy day!

What makes our seeds different from others? Firstly, they are organically grown, and that means they will respond better to organic growing conditions in your garden or fields. Plus you're supporting a method of producing the seeds that doesn't involve use of synthetic chemicals and that does involve sustainable, integrated crop production methods. Secondly, all our seeds are open-pollinated which means you can save seeds from them that will come true-to-type if you want, unlike hybrid seeds. Our seeds are also part of the public domain and not subject to patents or plant-breeders rights. They are part of a rich public inheritance that farmers can rely on to maintain seed and food sovereignty, even in times of increased corporate control of our food system. Thirdly, they have been grown by farmers right here in British Columbia on small-scale, mixed farms. Your purchase of these seeds directly supports the livelihoods of small-scale organic farmers and strengthens local seed systems. Fourthly (is that even a word?), many of our seeds are heirloom or rare varieties and growing these seeds ensures a vibrant maintenance of our agricultural heritage which is particularly important in these times of decreasing access to agricultural diversity. Have I said enough about these seeds yet? I could go on, but suffice to say that we think you'll be happy growing these seeds. We strive for high quality, vigorous growing, high-germinating seeds that will help you have a successful harvest this season, be it in your farms, gardens or window-boxes.

Happy garden planning, we hope you choose to grow some Stellar Seeds this season!