Seeds for all Seasons - 2014 seeds ready for you!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Now that the Christmas and Yule celebrations are behind us, and seed catalogues are arriving at your door, many of you are already starting to think about next summer's gardens. It's only natural, as we sit back in the comfort of our warm homes to begin dreaming of all the bounty next summer will bring. There's always something new to try your hand at in the garden, and always some different variety to think of marketing at the farm stall.

We've got a great selection of locally grown and adapted seeds for you that will thrive in your organic fields and gardens. They've been grown for you by our team of BC farmers, who you can read about at our "Growers" page. Of course, our seeds are all open-pollinated varieties, so that you can save your own seeds if you choose. Be sure to get seed-saving tips at our "Resources" page where you can watch how-to videos or download our Seed Production manual.

We wish you all the best with your endeavors in field and garden in 2014. Thank you for supoorting local seed growers and for choosing Stellar Seeds.