Summer Gardens on the Way

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

As June begins and the busy spring planting ends we've turned our attention to caring for all the little plants we've started. Weeding, thinning, trellising, watering, oh, and squishing cutworms! This is the critical month in making sure all our seed and market crops get off to a good start. Your gardens are probably like this too. Now that things have germinated or been transplanted it's really important to make sure they are not swallowed by weeds, that they get enough water, and that climbing peas and beans have something to climb up. If you get this done, by July you'll be looking at strong, vigorous, healthy crops.

At our farm we're also taking a little time to work on infrastructure projects. The first high tunnels are going up and we're looking forward to seeing our tomatoes and other heat-loving crops grow to perfect beauties inside that warm environment. We're also using one high tunnel to experiment with growing carrot seed in a caged environment. Why not just grow them in the field? It's because we (and many farmers in Western Canada) have high amounts of Queen Anne's Lace in our area. This weedy, wild relative of the carrot cross-pollinates with regular carrots and ruins seed production. By isolating our carrot crop in the high tunnel, we can produce carrot seed that is true-to-type. We're doing this experiment in partnership with 3 other farms across BC in a project organized by BC Seeds.

Last but not least, this month sees us begin selling fresh produce at the Kaslo Saturday Market. We've already been delivering spinach, salads, radish and turnips to local stores, but now the market production begins in earnest. We hope you're harvesting from some of your own early plantings and enjoying fresh greens as part of your meals. Long live the first meals planted from Stellar Seeds!