About Us

We are an independent, family-run seed company, based in Kaslo, British Columbia. We grew many of the seeds we sell at our own property, Kootenay Joe Farm in Johnson's Landing, and are in the midst of transferring our seed growing site to Lofstedt farm in the Kaslo area. We also partner with other local, organic growers who supply us with the remainder of our seeds. Our focus is on providing you, the grower, with high quality, open-pollinated, GMO-free seed. Many of the varieties we offer are heirlooms, favored by gardeners and farmers for many years because of tried-and-tested qualities like reliability, great flavour, and unique appearance. By growing these seeds organically the plants become better adapted to thriving in the soil and cultural conditions of organic gardens and farms - our on-farm selection results in seeds that are naturally more resilient to pests and pathogens, as well as capable of performing well in many growing conditions.

We hope the seeds we offer will become a part of your successful food production, be it on a farm, garden or windowsill.

Enjoy the magic of planting seeds and nurturing life!