Heirloom Organics

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Heirloom Organics, an offshoot of Skaneateles Seed Co. in Skaneateles, NY, specializes in high-quality cannabis genetics, catering to both aficionados of ancient landraces and enthusiasts of the latest hybrid strains. With a commitment to small-batch cultivation, this family-owned business ensures that every seed meets premium standards, providing home growers across America with unparalleled access to superior genetics.

The brand’s focus lies in delivering a diverse array of meticulously curated and grown cannabis seeds. From historic heirloom varieties to cutting-edge hybrids, Heirloom Organics is dedicated to preserving genetic purity and diversity, enabling growers to experience the full richness of cannabis cultivation.

American cultivators looking to enrich their gardens with boutique-quality genetics can find Heirloom Organics’ seed collection at Stellar Seeds, the USA’s leading seed bank.