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Humboldt Seed Organization, known as HSO for short, is a cannabis seed bank based in the heart of Northern California. The region is known for being the most productive marijuana region in the country. HSO was founded by a group of dedicated growers and breeders who work in Humboldt County to produce the very best marijuana genetics for medical dispensaries in the California area.

HSO’s main goal is to offer the best Californian cannabis genetics to the global cannabis community, and they’re achieving this by popularizing well-known strains like Chemdawg, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. Their intensive selections apply science, generation, and years of experience in the field and grow room, rooted in the ideology of regenerative agriculture.

Whether you’re growing at home or commercially, Humboldt Seed Organization is committed to providing everyone with the highest quality, stable genetics. At Stellar Seeds, we are proud to carry their entire catalog of products.