Top 10 Bestselling Weed Strains

Top 10 Bestselling Weed Strains

Welcome to our curated collection of the most commercially triumphant and bestselling cannabis strains. These celebrated varieties, available in feminized or autoflowering seeds, represent a tapestry of unparalleled genetics, blending the best of indica, sativa, and hybrid lineages.

In the ever-evolving world of marijuana cultivation, these top-selling seeds stand out for their robust growth patterns, high yield potential, and exceptional potency. Each strain has been meticulously selected for its unique characteristics, ensuring that both novice and seasoned cultivators can find the perfect match for their growing ambitions.

Dive into our diverse range of weed strains, where popularity meets quality. These bestsellers are more than just commercially successful; they are a testament to the art and science of breeding superior cannabis genetics. Whether you seek the deep relaxation of an indica, the energizing buzz of a sativa, or the balanced harmony of a hybrid, our collection is your gateway to the apex of cannabis cultivation.

White Widow

White Widow Strain
White Widow stands as a quintessential weed strain, renowned for its heavy coating of white trichomes that give it a frosty appearance. This strain, a staple in Amsterdam’s cannabis breeding, hails from a crossbreed of a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-rich South Indian indica. The primary goal of this genetic amalgamation was to maximize potency over flavor, making White Widow a landmark in cannabis breeding for strength.

With THC levels up to 24%, White Widow ensures a potent experience. It’s highly productive as well, yielding an impressive 450–600 grams per square meter indoors. The plant’s flowering period spans 8 to 10 weeks, and it can be harvested in September in the Northern Hemisphere and March in the Southern Hemisphere, offering growers flexibility across regions.

The success of White Widow in the commercial cannabis market is undeniable. It’s not just the high THC content that makes it a favorite; its cultivation efficiency is unparalleled. This strain represents the pinnacle of cannabis breeding, focusing on delivering a profound high to users, and it continues to be a top choice for both commercial and personal cultivation.

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Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto Strain

Purple Punch Auto, a bestselling creation by Barney’s Farm, is a harmonious blend of genetic prowess and aesthetic appeal. This autoflower strain, a magnificent hybrid of Granddaddy Purple, Larry OG, Big Bud, and Skunk #1, boasts an 80% indica and 20% sativa lineage. Its compact stature, reaching a modest height of 31 inches, makes it a suitable candidate for novice and seasoned growers alike.

The strain’s potency is evident in its robust THC content, hovering around 18%, paired with a modest 1% CBD. Purple Punch Auto is celebrated for its tranquilizing effects, perfect for unwinding after a taxing day. Its rapid growth cycle, spanning a mere 50–60 days, is a testament to its autoflowering nature, offering bountiful yields—up to 350 g/m² indoors and a staggering 400 grams per plant outdoors.

What truly sets Purple Punch Auto apart is its pronounced terpene profile. The strain exudes a delightful aroma akin to a freshly baked apple pie, infused with a hint of cloves, evoking memories of a cozy bakery. This exquisite combination of taste and aroma not only pleases the palate but also stimulates the mind, making it a popular choice among cannabis connoisseurs and a standout among its peers in the realm of popular strains.

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Gelat.OG Strain
Gelat.OG, a popular crossbreed of Gelato and a chosen OG Kush variant, boasts impressive yields and a brief flowering period. This hybrid, hailing from the West Coast, unites two legendary strains, exuding Bay Area charm and tranquility. It’s acclaimed for its potent indica dominance, offering a spirited yet deeply soothing experience.

Cultivating Gelat.OG is a breeze both indoors and outdoors, with the potential to produce up to 25% THC and minimal CBD. The strain’s relatively swift flowering span couples with abundant yields, positioning it as a top choice for growers. Its rich, fruity, and sweet aroma, akin to dessert, stems from its Gelato roots— itself a blend of Sunset Sherbert and GSC Thin Mints pheno.

Gelat.OG’s pollen is sourced from a specially selected OG Kush, renowned for its fuel-like flavor and an invigorating yet potent high. Outdoor plants can yield between 450–750 grams per plant, while indoor crops can surpass 600 g/m². The flowering time ranges from 8 to 10 weeks, making it a lucrative option for cultivators.

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Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez Strain
Gorilla Zkittlez is a top-selling feminized strain that showcases the prowess of West Coast genetics. This hybrid is a fusion of GG 4 and Zkittlez, promising a trichome-rich harvest following a 60-day bloom. Its indica-leaning effects offer a profound and contemplative experience, with shimmering pistils that are sure to captivate.

Gorilla Zkittlez is not just visually appealing but also potent, with a 24% THC content that promises a realm of relaxation and tranquility. Indoor flowering times are estimated at 8–9 weeks, while outdoor cultivation wraps up in early October. This strain is a powerhouse, potentially yielding up to 2.5 kg per outdoor plant and reaching heights of up to six feet.

This Barneys Farm creation comprises 40% sativa and 60% indica genetics. Its medical-grade THC levels seduce users into a serene state, making it a popular choice among growers and users alike. The strain’s balanced effects and robust growth characteristics make it a standout selection in the cannabis world.

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Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto Strain
Purple Lemonade Auto, a bestselling offering from Fast Buds, epitomizes the fusion of beauty and potency in cannabis strains. Standing at around four feet, this purple behemoth boasts an impressive yield of up to 550 g/m². Its bittersweet citrus terpenes tantalize the senses, reminiscent of zesty lemonade with a sweet yet tart twist.

This strain delivers a harmonious experience for both mind and body. Initially uplifting and joy-inducing, it gracefully transitions into a soothing, relaxed state, keeping you content throughout the day. Purple Lemonade Auto’s striking appearance—purple buds, green leaves, and vivid orange hairs—ensures it’s a visually arresting addition to any collection.

Bred from Californian genetics, this Indica-leaning hybrid represents the pinnacle of Fast Buds’ breeding excellence. With up to 25.5% THC, it offers a luxurious blend of sweet, sour, and citrus flavors, perfect for those seeking a unique, high-yielding strain. The plant’s aesthetics are complemented by its rich, citrusy aroma, making it a top choice for discerning growers.

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Blueberry Strain
Blueberry, an enduring favorite since the late 1970s, is famed for its exquisite berry aroma and predominantly indica lineage. This strain flourishes into a dense, stout plant adorned with red, purple, and blue hues, yielding a bountiful harvest under optimal conditions. The finished product entices with a fruity blueberry scent, and its taste is true to its name, offering a delightful blueberry flavor.

The effect of Blueberry is distinctly euphoric, providing a high-quality, long-lasting experience. It stands out not just for its effects but also for its longevity, making it a prime choice for connoisseurs aiming to preserve their strains for future enjoyment. The plant’s tall stature, exceeding six feet, adds to its majestic presence.

With a THC content ranging from 16–24%, Blueberry caters to those seeking a potent experience. Its flowering period spans 8–10 weeks, and its harvest times are conveniently aligned with the seasons–September in the Northern Hemisphere and March in the Southern Hemisphere. This medium-yielding plant, offering 200–450 g/plant outdoors and 350–450 g/m² indoors, is a must-grow for enthusiasts of classic, fruity strains.

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Dos Si Dos 33

Dos Si Dos 33 Strain
Dos Si Dos 33, a bestseller in Barneys Farm’s Cali Collection, boasts a rich lineage of OG Kush Breath, an exceptional Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, and Face Off OG. This intricate genetic weave includes a cross with the renowned Cookies Kush and a splash of Gelato #33, blending Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC influences. This amalgamation crafts a unique profile, steeped in the illustrious heritage of US cannabis phenotypes.

Cultivators will appreciate Dos Si Dos 33 for its manageable stature and prolific yield. Indoors, it reaches a compact height of about three feet while delivering up to 700 g/m² of stunning flowers. Outdoor growers can marvel at plants yielding up to an astonishing 2 kg, reaching maturity by mid-October. This strain’s exceptional yield and manageable size make it popular among growers.

Dominantly Indica, Dos Si Dos 33 dazzles with its lime green and violet hues. The THC levels range between 22–28%, ensuring a potent experience. Initially, it ushers in a burst of euphoric energy typical of sativas, followed by a tranquil, sedative effect. This balance offers a unique old-school stony high, leaving users relaxed and content.

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Strain
As one of the bestselling Cali strains, Girl Scout Cookies Auto delivers a complex flavor profile. It weaves together kushy, earthy tones with a cookie-like sweetness, thanks to its celebrated California genetics. This strain is a resin powerhouse, with buds thoroughly coated in a frosting-like resin, enhancing its allure. The auto version maintains the quality and character of the original, making it a coveted choice for enthusiasts.

This strain is a grower’s delight, maturing swiftly in about 70 days. It’s an easy-to-grow plant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Girl Scout Cookies Auto is particularly noted for its dense, sparkling nugs and impressive resin production. It grows to a height of 2–3 feet, with a final bulky swell of maturation in the last weeks, signifying its readiness for harvest.

Offering a THC content of around 20%, Girl Scout Cookies Auto presents a delightful high. Users experience an intense cerebral rush, evolving into a relaxing body high that’s both couch-locking and muscle-relaxing. Its indica-leaning nature ensures a perfect blend of mental exhilaration and physical ease for both recreational and medicinal users. The strain’s appealing mix of cerebral buzz and body relaxation underscores its popularity.

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer Strain
Jack Herer, a tribute by Seedsman to its eponymous originator, is a celebrated strain known for blending sativa’s cerebral uplift with indica’s abundant resin production. Originating in the Netherlands during the mid-1990s, this strain rapidly gained acclaim, subsequently being distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a medicinal-grade variety. Its reputation is bolstered by numerous awards, attesting to its quality and potency.

This versatile strain flourishes in various environments, although indoor cultivators should anticipate a flowering period of 50–70 days. Jack Herer’s photoperiod flowering type and feminized nature ensure a high yield, with indoor harvests surpassing 600 g/m² and outdoor yields exceeding an impressive 750 grams per plant.

High in THC content, peaking at 24%, Jack Herer offers a potent experience. Its popularity stems from the harmonious blend of mental stimulation and robust resin production, making it a top choice for those seeking a classic, well-rounded cannabis strain.

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Alaskan Purple Auto

Alaskan Purple Auto Strain
Alaskan Purple Auto, an autoflowering rendition of Alaskan Purple, is renowned for its substantial yields and a calming effect. This predominantly indica strain (90%) captivates with its swift growth cycle and aesthetic appeal. It’s distinguished by a sweet, fruity flavor and a relaxing high that doesn’t skimp on potency.

In terms of growth, Alaskan Purple Auto is a noteworthy plant, even among autos, with impressive yields. Indoors, it completes its life cycle in about 7–8 weeks, offering 400–550 g/m². Outdoors, harvest time extends to a week longer, with each plant potentially yielding 40–200 grams, depending on environmental conditions.

The strain’s flavor profile is dominated by sweet, ripe fruits, and with THC levels ranging between 15–20%, it delivers a potent indica effect. Alaskan Purple Auto’s relaxing high, combined with its ease of growth and attractive yields, makes it a popular choice for both novice and experienced growers.

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