Compound Genetics

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Compound Genetics, based in Portland, Oregon, is a trailblazer in cannabis breeding, combining horticultural expertise with innovative genetics. Founded in 2017 by seasoned professionals in genetics and cultivation, the company has quickly become a leader in the weed seed industry. Their approach involves a rigorous selection process, ensuring each seed variety meets the highest standards for potency and flavor.

The team at Compound Genetics meticulously inbreeds and outcrosses their plants, focusing on producing reliable and high-performance seeds. This process results in a unique range of marijuana strains, sought after for their exceptional qualities.

For added assurance, Compound Genetics conducts extensive testing on each of their cultivars, guaranteeing the quality and performance of their seeds. Discover the exotic strains from Compound Genetics at Stellar Seeds USA, where top-tier cannabis genetics are just a click away.