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Resin Seeds burst onto the cannabis scene in 2008 with their revolutionary Cannatonic strain, quickly establishing themselves as leaders in the CBD movement. Renowned for their commitment to medicinal cannabis, this Spanish-based seed bank has consistently produced strains like Hammershark and Dieseltonic that have won accolades for their healing properties, alongside offering potent high THC varieties for a more recreational experience.

Working closely with original breeders ensures that Resin Seeds maintains an unparalleled level of quality and authenticity in their genetics. This dedication to excellence and diversity in their strain offerings meets a wide range of consumer needs, from medicinal benefits to recreational enjoyment, solidifying their position as a premier provider in the global cannabis industry.

For American growers and cannabis enthusiasts seeking top-quality medicinal or recreational seeds, Resin Seeds’ acclaimed collection is readily available through Stellar Seeds, the leading seed bank in the USA. We bring Resin Seeds’ internationally recognized strains stateside, offering an unmatched selection for both cultivation and personal use.

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