Top 10 New Weed Strains

Top 10 New Weed Strains

Welcome to our top-10 roundup of new weed strains for 2024. This year’s selection, brimming with groundbreaking genetics, offers an exhilarating array of feminized and autoflowering seeds. Each strain is a testament to the relentless innovation in the world of marijuana cultivation, bringing forth unparalleled experiences for enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

Dive into a diverse garden of choices, where each seed encapsulates a unique blend of sativa, indica, and hybrid vigor. Our 2024 lineup features fresh drops that are not just novel but also boast robust growth patterns and remarkable flavor profiles. These strains are meticulously crafted, ensuring that every grower, from novice to expert, can cultivate with ease and anticipate bountiful harvests.

As the world of cannabis continually evolves, so does our commitment to offering the finest and most avant-garde strains. This year’s new releases represent the pinnacle of breeding excellence, promising an enthralling journey for your senses. Explore these vibrant, newly unveiled varieties and prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary qualities they bring to your growing adventures.

Banana Jealousy

Banana Jealousy Strain
Banana Jealousy emerges as a hybrid marvel, a newly-released cross of Banana Cream, Jealousy, and Gelato 41. This strain boasts impressive THC levels and is great for beginners, thriving in varied environments. Its high-yield potential and relative ease of cultivation make it a standout choice.

This plant soars in stature, especially in outdoor settings, potentially surpassing 200 cm. Indoor growers can expect a flowering period of 8–10 weeks, yielding between 450–600 g/m². Outdoor cultivators or those using greenhouses may reap up to 750 grams per plant in optimal conditions. The strain adapts well to temperate, warm, and hot climates, with harvest times in late September or early October in the northern hemisphere, and March in the south.

Banana Jealousy is not just abundant but also aromatic, exuding fruity fragrances and flavors—think sweet banana with a Skunk twist. The resin-rich plants are ideal for extracts, and with THC levels peaking at 28% and minimal CBD, the potency is undeniable.

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Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle

Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle Strain
Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle is a new fusion of Lemon Drizzle and Purple Punch genetics. This slightly indica-dominant hybrid enchants even the most refined cannabis aficionados with its fragrant terpenes and 24–26% THC content, promising a tranquil, blissful experience.

Indoor cultivation sees a swift flowering period of 60–65 days, culminating in a generous yield of up to 650 g/m². When grown outdoors, the yield can be a staggering 1.5 kg, with plants reaching heights of 6 feet. This strain is not just bountiful but also a spectacle of robust, beautiful foliage.

The sensory appeal of Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle is in its palate—a harmonious blend of sweetness, tartness, and earthy notes. This flavor medley captivates and satisfies the senses. Harvest time is in early October, offering a botanical escapade of pure indulgence.

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Apricot Auto

Apricot Auto Strain
Apricot Auto is groundbreaking indica strain, boasting a formidable 26% THC content. This strain is a game-changer for demanding growers, delivering a deep, narcotic relaxation ideal for sleep induction. Its unique autoflower genetics yield up to 550 g/m² in just 9–10 weeks, showcasing efficiency and potency.

The buds of Apricot Auto are aesthetically captivating, featuring dense, medium-sized clusters adorned with pink and purple shades, complemented by brownish-orange hairs and a kief-like, silvery-white resin coating. The aroma is predominantly apricot, intertwined with sweet, sour, and woody hints, creating a mesmerizing sensory experience.

For cultivation, Apricot Auto exhibits resilience and simplicity, thriving with minimal extra effort. Its compact stature, peaking at 120 cm, and indica lineage contribute to a bushy growth, necessitating occasional defoliation or Low-Stress Training (LST) to optimize light penetration and airflow. The final weeks of growth are crucial, with a thorough flush enhancing the strain’s vibrant flavors and colors.

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Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry Strain
Sour Strawberry is a fresh sativa-dominant hybrid that presents an alluring blend of Strawberry Kush and Sour Diesel genetics. This strain flourishes both indoors and outdoors, offering growers versatility and ease. With a flowering period of 65–70 days, it yields an impressive 500–600 g/m² indoors, while outdoor plants can produce 1.5–2.5 kg each, reaching heights of 1.5–2 meters.

The visual appeal of Sour Strawberry is striking, showcasing bright green leaves and vivid orange hairs. The buds emit a complex aroma spectrum, ranging from sour and sweet fruity notes to earthy and diesel undertones. This rich bouquet of scents adds to the strain’s allure, making it a standout choice for connoisseurs.

Sour Strawberry carries a potent THC range of 22–24%, ensuring a robust experience for users. Its balanced sativa-indica composition provides a harmonious blend of cerebral and physical effects, suitable for various preferences. The strain’s ease of growth and bountiful yields make it a valuable addition to any marijuana enthusiast’s collection.

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Gorilla Candy Auto

Gorilla Candy Auto Strain
Gorilla Candy Auto is a splendid blend of Caramel Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto genetics, forming an indica-dominant hybrid with an 80% indica and 20% sativa mix. This strain, appealing to both novice and seasoned cultivators, is known for its robust resistance to mould and ease of growth. Its bushy plant structure is a visual delight, showcasing shades of dark blue, violet, and red.

With a swift growth cycle of just 56 days from seed to harvest, Gorilla Candy Auto is ideal for those seeking a quick turnaround. It thrives both indoors and outdoors, reaching up to 150 cm in height. Indoors, it yields an impressive 400–500 grams per square meter. Outdoor yields hinge on environmental factors and soil quality, but this strain’s hardiness makes it a favorable choice for beginners.

This strain packs a potent punch with THC levels ranging between 17–20% and minimal CBD. The experience is a blend of physical and cerebral sensations, marked by psychedelic effects. Its flavor profile is a unique amalgam of sweet caramel, fuel, and earthy Kush, leaving a lasting sweetness on the palate. The aroma is richly earthy with a fuel undertone, making it a coveted choice for cannabis connoisseurs.

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Purple Lemonade FAST

Purple Lemonade FAST Strain
Purple Lemonade FF (Fast Flower), a crossbreed of purple and citrus Cali genetics, is a visually stunning and balanced strain. It’s known for its vibrant pinkish-purple buds and a harmonious blend of cerebral and body effects. Yielding up to 550 grams per square meter, this fast-flowering strain is perfect for those who appreciate both aesthetic appeal and efficacy.

This feminized photoperiod variety exhibits a robust and compact structure, typical of hybrid strains. Purple Lemonade FF flowers within 7–8 weeks, producing dense, spade-shaped buds tinged with pinkish-purple hues and lilac trichomes. This easy-to-grow strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, appealing to cultivators of all skill levels.

Purple Lemonade FF offers a tantalizing flavor mix of tart lemon and sweet fruits, reminiscent of refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day. The initial sour taste evolves into a sweet, berry-like aftertaste. Its effects are equally delightful, starting with an uplifting, mood-boosting high that gradually transitions into deep bodily relaxation. Ideal for all-day use, it’s particularly effective against chronic pain, migraines, and stress.

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Cookies Kush Auto

Cookies Kush Auto Strain
Embark on a horticultural adventure with Cookies Kush Auto, a mesmerizing new autoflower strain from Barneys Farm. This hybrid marvel, blending the iconic Cookies Kush with BF Super Auto #1, offers a tantalizing autoflowering variant. Its rapid growth cycle, completing its journey from seed to full maturity in a mere 70–75 days indoors, is truly astounding.

Despite its diminutive stature, reaching only 90–120 cm, Cookies Kush Auto is a powerhouse of production. Indoor cultivators can rejoice with yields soaring to 500–600g/m², while outdoor enthusiasts can expect a substantial 200–300 grams per plant. This compact wonder’s buds are drenched in shiny trichomes, releasing a complex bouquet of sweet and spicy aromas, a tribute to its Girl Scout Cookies lineage.

Cookies Kush Auto flaunts superior genetics and cultivation ease. Its balance of 30% sativa and 70% indica genetics culminates in an irresistible olfactory experience. Ideal for growers eager to elevate their cannabis repertoire, this strain is a must-try for its swift growth, bountiful yields, and enchanting scent.

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Gelato 41 BX

Gelato 41 BX Strain
Gelato 41 BX, a back-cross of the celebrated Gelato #41, is a grower’s dream come true. Developed by renowned Cali breeder Sherbinski, this indica-dominant hybrid is a result of crossing Sunset Sherbert with Thin Mint Cookies. As a High Times Cannabis Cup winner in the Indica category, this strain has a storied pedigree that promises excellence.

Reaching big heights of over 200 cm, especially in outdoor settings, Gelato 41 BX is a symbol of robust vitality. It flourishes in various climates, from temperate to hot, yielding up to a lavish 750 g/plant outdoors. Indoor growers aren’t left behind, with potential harvests ranging between 450–600 g/m² over an 8–10 week flowering period. Its high resistance to mould makes it particularly appealing to both novices and connoisseurs.

Gelato 41 BX’s aroma is an intricate tapestry of skunky, floral notes intertwined with hints of orange, cinnamon, lavender, and hops. Its flavor profile is a delightful mélange of cream, hazelnuts, chocolate, spices, pine, and earth. With THC levels soaring up to 30% or more, and a CBD content around 1% or less, this strain offers a profoundly potent and euphoric effect, ideal for relaxation and leisurely activities. However, its high potency makes it less suitable for novice consumers.

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Juicy Zkittlez Auto

Juicy Zkittlez Auto Strain
Juicy Zkittlez Auto is a tantalizing, indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis variety. This newly released hybrid, a blend of Strawberry Banana Grape Auto and Zkittlez Auto, boasts a 70% indica and 30% sativa lineage. Its rapid growth cycle, taking just 56–63 days from seed to harvest indoors, coupled with a substantial yield of up to 500 g/m², makes it a standout choice.

This strain exhibits a robust plant structure, characterized by a thick trunk and short branches, supporting hard and resinous buds. Thriving both indoors and outdoors, Juicy Zkittlez reaches a moderate height of up to 150 cm. Its buds, dense and sparkling with resin, hint at its high THC and low CBD content, serving well for various extractions.

The sensory profile of Juicy Zkittlez is as delightful as its name suggests. Offering a sweet and fruity taste with hints of banana and lemon, it leaves a delectable aftertaste. Its effects are profoundly relaxing, beginning with a cerebral rush and evolving into full-body tranquility, perfect for evening or bedtime use.

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Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Strain
Ice Cream Cake, an exquisite indica-dominant strain, is a product of the union between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. Its cultivation is straightforward, with a flowering period of 55–60 days. It grows to around four feet indoors and six feet outdoors, yielding up to 550 g/m² or 1.5 kg/plant respectively. With a THC content of 20-25%, it promises a robust and intricate high.

The terpene profile of Ice Cream Cake is a symphony of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, resulting in a scent that’s a blend of sweet, creamy, and earthy notes with vanilla and pine undertones. This strain is not just visually appealing but also possesses therapeutic qualities, offering relaxation and relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Ice Cream Cake’s allure lies not only in its ease of cultivation but also in its therapeutic benefits. The strain’s limonene and myrcene content imparts a soothing effect, ideal for unwinding. The inclusion of caryophyllene adds to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This strain is a heavenly indulgence for those seeking both pleasure and relief.

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