Top 10 Fast Version Weed Strains

Top 10 Fast Version Weed Strains

Welcome to our premier selection of the top 10 fast version cannabis seeds, where swiftness meets superior quality. These hybrid strains, a harmonious blend of photoperiod and autoflower genetics, are revolutionizing the world of marijuana cultivation. Sought-after for their rapid flowering and robust yields, these fast strains are a game-changer for growers aiming for efficiency without sacrificing potency or terpene profiles.

Fast version seeds are a groundbreaking development in cannabis genetics, combining the best traits of photoperiod and autoflowering strains. These feminized seeds inherit the accelerated flowering characteristic from autoflower variants, while retaining the desirable attributes of traditional photoperiod strains such as enhanced THC content and pronounced terpene profiles. This innovative fusion results in a versatile range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains that flourish quickly, making them ideal for cultivators seeking to optimize their harvest cycles.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cultivation game with these exceptional fast strains. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, our top-10 selection of fast version seeds is designed to impress with their unparalleled speed and production capabilities. Explore our curated list now and discover the perfect blend of speed and quality to transform your growing experience!

Amnesia FAST

Amnesia FAST Strain
Amnesia FAST, a rapid-flowering variant of the acclaimed Amnesia strain, is a notable contender in the realm of cannabis seeds. This hybrid, a cross between Amnesia Haze de Soma and a mysterious partner, leans towards sativa dominance with a 70% sativa and 30% indica genetic makeup. Flaunting a THC level ranging from 20–23%, it promises a potent experience.

Harvesting this strain by the end of September yields an impressive 550–600 g/m². Amnesia FAST thrives within a moderate height spectrum of 100–150 cm, making it suitable for various grow spaces. Its unique olfactory signature combines typical Amnesia aromas with fruity undertones and a spring flower whiff, creating an enticing bouquet.

The effects of Amnesia FAST strike a balance between sativa and indica traits. Its potent yet creatively stimulating impact caters to both relaxation and mental invigoration. This strain stands out as an ideal choice for cultivators in the market for fast-flowering, high-yielding weed seeds with a captivating blend of effects.

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Gorilla Cookies FAST

Gorilla Cookies FAST Strain
Gorilla Cookies FF (Fast Flower), the epitome of potency in fast version seeds, offers growers complete control over their cultivation. This robust strain, bred from Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, and Gorilla Cookies Auto, embodies the best traits of its exotic lineage. It’s not only resilient to environmental stresses but also boasts an astonishing 29% THC content.

Producing dense, resinous buds tinged with dark and light green hues and bright orange hairs, Gorilla Cookies FF yields up to 650 g/m². This visually appealing strain exudes a complex aroma blend of sweet fruits and cookie dough with an earthy backdrop. It’s an excellent choice for hash makers seeking strains with exceptional flavor profiles.

Gorilla Cookies FF delivers an intense euphoric high that transitions into a profound body relaxation, offering hours of comfort. This fast-flowering photoperiod variety, capable of reaching up to 2.5 meters, requires a shorter vegetative cycle of about 5 weeks. All things considered, it’s a high-yielding, easy-to-grow cultivar with a remarkable resin quality and a delightful cookie dough and gas flavor profile.

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Blue Dream FAST

Blue Dream FAST Strain
Blue Dream FAST seeds emerge as a sterling choice among fast version seeds, offering a swifter variant of the popular Blue Dream strain. This predominantly sativa variety, born from a cross between Blueberry and Haze, is recognized for its ease of cultivation and bountiful yields. It’s well-suited for growers seeking a faster flowering period without compromising on quality.

Indoor cultivation of Blue Dream FAST can reach heights of approximately 180 cm, requiring a two-week vegetative phase followed by an eight-week flowering cycle. Under optimal conditions, growers can expect yields of 400–500 g/m². Outdoors, this strain flourishes in continental and Mediterranean climates, reaching up to 250 cm in height and yielding 600–700 grams per plant.

The aromatic profile of Blue Dream FAST is a delightful fusion of fruity hash and sweet, berry-like citrus notes. With a THC content hovering between 18–20% and negligible CBD and CBG levels, it delivers a powerfully cerebral and euphoric effect. This strain is a top pick for those who favor a heavily sativa-dominant cannabis experience with a faster finishing time.

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Purple Lemonade FAST

Purple Lemonade FAST Strain
Purple Lemonade FF, a cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics, offers an invigorating experience. This fast version strain brings together cerebral and body sensations, making it an ideal daytime companion. The buds promise an uplifting high that alleviates stress, morphing into a soothing wave of relaxation that addresses muscle pain effectively.

Cultivators can expect a bounty of up to 550 g/m² of stunning pinkish-purple buds, ready in a brief 7–8 week flowering period. The aesthetic appeal of Purple Lemonade FF is matched by its flavor profile—a tantalizing blend of sour lemon and sweet fruity notes, culminating in an experience as refreshing as a summer lemonade.

This strain is not only a feast for the eyes but also a dream for growers of all skill levels. Purple Lemonade FF’s compact structure and short internodal spacing result in dense bud formation, ideal for producing high-quality purple hash and extractions. The ease of cultivation and the strain’s versatility make it a top choice for both novice and experienced growers.

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White Widow FAST

White Widow FAST Strain
White Widow FAST feminized seeds offer a quick turnaround for growers. This strain maintains the frosty, trichome-rich appearance of its Indian x Brazilian heritage, with the added benefit of reduced flowering time. It brings dense, trichome-covered buds to harvest a week earlier, without compromising the sweet, sugary taste and appearance of the original.

This hybrid variety yields a medium harvest, typically between 350–450 g/m². High in THC content (16–24%), it delivers a potent experience. White Widow FAST seeds are suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors, with harvest times in September and March for the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively.

Bred by Seedsman, this strain combines the best of Brazilian and South Indian genetics. The result is a hybrid that not only delivers a swift growth cycle but also an impressive sensory experience. Its high terpene and cannabinoid levels ensure a strong, memorable experience, making it a must-try for enthusiasts seeking efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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GG4 Sherbet FAST

GG4 Sherbet FAST Strain
GG4 Sherbet FF, a blend of Gorilla Glue and Orange Sherbet genetics, is a fast-flowering powerhouse. This indica-dominant strain is noted for its robustness and easy cultivation, suitable for various climates. With up to 27% THC, it offers a profoundly relaxing effect, perfect for all-day enjoyment and stress relief.

Growers can expect up to 600 g/m² from this high-yielding fast strain, ready in just 7 weeks of flowering. GG4 Sherbet FF produces chunky buds with dark orange hairs and a high resin content, perfectly suited for hash and extract production. Its complex flavor profile, blending sweet, fruity, spicy, and earthy notes, makes it a delight for the palate.

This medium-sized plant, reaching up to 200 cm in height, is an excellent choice for growers of all experience levels. Its compact structure and high bud-to-leaf ratio facilitate easy cultivation and maintenance. GG4 Sherbet FF is particularly suited for those searching for a low-maintenance yet highly productive variety, delivering quality and quantity effortlessly.

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C99 x Blueberry FAST

C99 x Blueberry FAST Strain
C99 x Blueberry FAST feminized seeds merge the swift flowering of the Cinderella 99 with the succulent flavors of Original Blueberry. This hybrid encapsulates the rich, Thai sativa-influenced palate from its lineage. Remarkably quick to mature, it completes its bloom in a mere 45 days, showcasing an impressive acceleration in growth.

Despite its tendency to stretch significantly during flowering, this strain’s buds remain remarkably self-sufficient, requiring minimal grooming. It’s an ideal blend for cultivators seeking a hassle-free experience. The resulting harvest is abundant, offering a bounty of solid buds, lavishly adorned with trichomes and resin.

Cultivated outdoors, this plant is primed for harvest by mid-September. Its THC content ranges from a robust 16–24%, offering a potent experience. With yields of 200–450 grams per plant outdoors and 350–450 g/m² indoors, this medium-statured plant (100–200cm) is a prolific producer, making it a top pick for fast version seeds.

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Jack Herer FAST

Jack Herer FAST Strain
Jack Herer FAST feminized seeds pay homage to the legendary strain named after the famed cannabis activist. This variant maintains the classic aroma and resinous nature of the original Jack Herer but with a reduced flowering period. Its cultivation culminates swiftly, within just 6 to 8 weeks.

Breeders aimed to preserve the original strain’s flavor and potency, while hastening its maturation. The result is a fast-flowering plant that produces aromatic buds, coated in a rich layer of trichomes. Its taste remains true to the old-school heritage, making it a favored choice for connoisseurs.

With a THC content also ranging from 16–24%, it delivers a high akin to its namesake. Outdoor yields are impressive, reaching 450–750 grams per plant, and indoor yields range from 450–600 g/m². The plant’s stature is moderate and manageable for various growing environments. This strain stands out in the realm of fast version seeds for its balance of rapid growth and quality harvest.

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Wedding Cheesecake FAST

Wedding Cheesecake FAST Strain
Wedding Cheesecake FF is a terpene-rich strain, boasting a swift 7–8 weeks flowering cycle that culminates in substantial yields up to 650 g/m². With its robust vanilla, creamy cookie aroma accented by citrus and cinnamon, this strain tantalizes the senses. Its fast-flowering characteristic makes it a superb choice for growers seeking prompt and plentiful harvests.

This strain’s aesthetic is equally impressive. It showcases chunky, large-sized buds enveloped in a silvery-white resin, adorned with vivid orange hairs. The diverse palette of its flowers—ranging from lime green to dark green, with splashes of magenta and purple—is as visually appealing as it is fragrant.

Wedding Cheesecake FF delivers a unique balance of effects—a cerebral jolt that morphs into a tranquil body high. This blend of indica and sativa traits offers a harmonious experience, invoking a focused yet relaxed state. Its high THC content, reaching up to 25%, provides an energetic boost, perfect for kickstarting a busy day.

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Bruce Banger FAST

Bruce Banger FAST Strain
Bruce Banger FAST presents a swift flowering version of its predecessor, combining the robust traits of OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid gives off a diesel-like aroma, underpinned by the potency of Kush. Selectively bred for speed, it completes flowering in about 9 weeks, occasionally a day or two longer.

The strain is adaptable to various growing conditions—thriving indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses. Its flexibility extends to grow media, accommodating a range of preferences. This versatility makes Bruce Banger Fast a fitting choice for cultivators with diverse setups and requirements.

Bruce Banger Fast is celebrated for its invigorating high, characterized by energy and creativity. It serves as an excellent daytime strain, offering a boost of vitality and inspiration. This makes it a top pick for enthusiasts searching for a fast-growing strain that doesn’t let down on the quality or intensity of its effects.

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