Exotic Genetix

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Exotic Genetix, founded in 2008 in Tacoma, Washington, emerged from a simple yet passionate idea: to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality cannabis seeds among medical marijuana patients. The brainchild of Mike, who initially distributed his own seeds at a local hydroponic store, the brand quickly gained acclaim for its reliability and superior genetics.

The increase in demand for Exotic Genetix seeds led to the expansion of their catalog, catapulting the company to fame with landmark strains like Kimbo Kush and Cookies & Cream. Celebrated for winning numerous Cannabis Cups since 2012, Exotic Genetix has become synonymous with excellence in marijuana breeding.

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, Exotic Genetix’s diverse range of premium genetics is now available at Stellar Seeds, ensuring access to some of the most sought-after weed seeds in the industry.