Top 10 Fast Flowering Weed Strains

Top 10 Fast Flowering Weed Strains

Welcome to the exhilarating world of fast-flowering cannabis strains, where the journey from seed to bloom is as swift as it is rewarding. For cultivators eager to harvest their bounty without the lengthy wait, these speedy varieties offer an ideal solution. Laden with potent genetics, these strains swiftly transition through their photoperiod, leading to quicker harvests without sacrificing the quality or yield of their luscious buds.

In this curated selection, we showcase the top ten fast-flowering seeds, a vibrant mix of feminized hybrid varieties that have captivated growers worldwide. These strains are celebrated not only for their brisk flowering cycle but also for their robust terpene profiles and substantial yields. Each variety has been meticulously chosen for its ability to flourish rapidly, making them a top pick for both novice and veteran cultivators seeking prompt and bountiful harvests.

Dive into our comprehensive list and discover the most in-demand, fast-flowering weed strains in the cannabis seeds market. Whether you’re drawn to the aromatic richness or the high potency these strains offer, you’ll find that our selection delivers an exceptional growing experience. Embrace the swift beauty of these blooms and revel in the satisfaction of a quick yet fruitful cultivation journey.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch Strain
Purple Punch, a popular fast-flowering strains from Barney’s Farm, presents a compelling genetic blend of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. This strain boasts an impressive 90% indica dominance, coupled with a modest 10% sativa heritage. Its lineage guarantees a robust, tranquilizing effect, making it a standout choice for those seeking relaxation.

Cultivation of Purple Punch is notably swift, with flowering times ranging between 50–60 days. This strain flourishes into a short, stocky plant, reaching up to 90 cm indoors and 150 cm outdoors. It’s a prolific yielder, producing up to 600–700 grams per square meter indoors and a staggering 2 kg outdoors. The plant’s branches are laden with resin-rich trichomes, bearing a THC content of 25%.

The sensory profile of Purple Punch is as delightful as it is potent. Its flavor is reminiscent of a baked apple pie infused with cloves, while its aroma evokes a visit to your favorite bakery. The effects are profoundly calming and de-stressing, serving as a powerful relaxation tool. This fast-flowering, high-yielding strain seamlessly integrates efficiency with indulgence, embodying the essence of top-tier indica genetics.

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Jack Herer FAST

Jack Herer FAST Strain
Jack Herer FAST, a hybrid creation by Seedsman, merges the classic Jack Herer strain with a speedy parent, significantly reducing its flowering period. It’s a masterful blend of Haze and Red Skunk, boasting an impressive THC content ranging from 16–24%. This strain exemplifies swift growth without sacrificing its renowned potency and aromatic qualities.

This variety is celebrated for its swift flowering, spanning only 6 to 8 weeks, a stark contrast to the usual cannabis growth cycle. It flourishes both indoors, yielding 450–600 g/m², and outdoors, with an abundant yield of 450–750 grams per plant. Its medium stature, reaching 100–200 cm, makes it manageable for various cultivation setups.

The Jack Herer FAST strain retains the classic piney aroma of its predecessor, coupled with an orange hue and medium odor intensity. This strain stands out for its resilience to mold and its enchanting resinous buds, making it a top pick for growers seeking a fast, yet traditional cannabis experience.

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Tropicana Cookies FAST

Tropicana Cookies FAST Strain
Tropicana Cookies FF (Fast Flower) emerges as a fast and formidable strain, ideal for both novice and seasoned cultivators. Its versatility allows it to flourish in various climates, both indoors and outdoors. This strain’s rapid flowering period of 6–7 weeks, combined with a potential 5-week vegetative stage, promises swift harvests.

The strain’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, with dark purple buds accentuated by pink and blue hues and dark-orange hairs. These dense, compact buds are coated in a thick resin layer, creating a fluffy appearance. The breaking of the buds releases a unique citrus and sandalwood scent, a delight for the olfactory senses.

Tropicana Cookies FF’s effects begin with an energizing cerebral rush, transitioning into a full-body relaxation. Its potency makes it suitable for both day and night use, enhancing mood and aiding relaxation. For growers, this strain’s dense bud structure and high resin production make it an excellent choice for hash and extract creation.

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Ayahuasca Purple

Ayahuasca Purple Strain
The Ayahuasca Purple strain, a creation of Barney’s Farm, is a visual masterpiece, originating from a gift of Red River Delta seeds. It exhibits a splendid palette of purple and ruby red, enhanced by a compact and robust structure. This pure indica plant, spanning 90–100 cm in height, is known for its wide fan leaves and a dense, heavyset frame, making it a stunning addition to any cultivation.

In terms of cultivation, Ayahuasca Purple demands attention in its flowering stage, which wraps up quickly in 55–65 days. The strain’s colossal, dense buds, while visually arresting, require support to prevent breakage, due to their significant weight. This strain yields an impressive up to 650 g/m² indoors and is ready for harvest in the Northern Hemisphere around the 3rd to 4th week of September.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Ayahuasca Purple is celebrated for its tranquilizing effects and a rich aroma blend of hazelnut and papaya. This 100% indica strain promises a relaxing and soothing experience, perfect for alleviating stress and fostering a serene state of mind. Its intoxicating fragrance and heavenly effects make it an ideal choice for those seeking solace from the tumult of daily life.

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Amnesia FAST

Amnesia FAST Strain
Amnesia FAST, a faster-flowering variant of the renowned Amnesia strain, presents a delightful amalgamation of Amnesia Haze by Soma and a mysterious hybrid. This strain leans towards sativa dominance with a 70% sativa and 30% indica genetic makeup. It grows to a moderate height of 100–150 cm and is characterized by a typical Amnesia aroma, albeit with a more fruity essence and a hint of spring flowers.

This strain’s flowering period is notably swift, aligning with its name—Amnesia FAST. The harvest time is set for the end of September, and it offers a generous yield ranging from 550–600 g/m². This brisk flowering cycle, coupled with its substantial yield, makes it a favorable choice for cultivators seeking efficiency and abundance.

Amnesia FAST is renowned for its balanced effects, bridging the gap between sativa and indica. With a THC content of 20–23%, it delivers a potent yet creatively stimulating experience. This strain is exemplary for those seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and mental invigoration, representing a unique and sought-after option in the cannabis seeds market.

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Critical Kush

Critical Kush Strain
Critical Kush emerges from the union of Critical Mass and OG Kush. This 100% indica strain is a powerhouse of vigor and potency, characterized by its abundant yield of potent Kush. Standing at a height of 100–110 cm, Critical Kush is a marvel with its sticky, crystal-covered buds, exuding an aromatic blend of earthy, herbaceous, and fuel-like scents.

This strain boasts a swift flowering period of 55–60 days, aligning with the needs of those searching for fast-flowering varieties. Critical Kush is not only rapid in reaching maturity but also prolific in its yield, offering up to 650 g/m² indoors and an astounding up to 1000 g/plant outdoors. It’s primed for harvest in the Northern Hemisphere during the 3rd to 4th week of September.

Critical Kush’s appeal extends to its taste and effects. The strain tantalizes the palate with flavors of fresh pine and lemon pie, accompanied by a tangy aftertaste. Its effects are quintessentially indica—deeply relaxing and ideal for pain relief or unwinding after a long day. This positions Critical Kush a stellar choice for anyone seeking a potent, relaxing experience with a quick turnaround from seed to harvest.

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Gorilla Cookies FAST

Gorilla Cookies FAST Strain
Gorilla Cookies FF, a formidable fast-flowering hybrid, merges Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4 genetics with Gorilla Cookies Auto. This strain flourishes in various environments, boasting resilience to pests and diseases. It’s a substantial yielder, delivering up to 650 g/m², while maintaining a balanced hybrid vigor.

The buds of Gorilla Cookies FF exhibit a stunning interplay of dark and light green, enhanced by vivid orange hairs. They’re incredibly resinous, exuding a fusion of sweet fruit and cookie dough aromas with an earthy undertone. This variety, with its 29% THC content, promises a visually appetizing experience and a potent, euphoric high transitioning into deep relaxation.

Cultivation-wise, Gorilla Cookies FF is a rapid-flowering, feminized photoperiod strain, taking just 7 weeks to bloom. It reaches up to 2.5 meters, requiring ample vertical space. Growers can adjust the vegetation cycle for either speedier harvests or increased yields, making it a versatile choice for various cultivation plans.

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Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies Strain
Peyote Cookies is a predominately indica hybrid born from Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush. This robust, easy-to-grow, and fast-flowering plant produces dense, resinous buds and is highly resistant to mold and mildew. It’s well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, yielding up to 600 g/m² or 600 g/plant, respectively.

The strain showcases a striking ruby red and purple hue during flowering. It offers a unique flavor profile, combining guava, vanilla, and coffee notes, culminating in a potent and blissful experience. With a flowering time of 55–60 days, Peyote Cookies stands out for its fast turnaround and significant impact.

Standing at a modest 90–100cm, Peyote Cookies is ideal for growers seeking a less space-demanding plant. Its heavy and dense structure requires strong branches to support its bountiful yield, serving as a perfect choice for those valuing both aesthetics and efficiency in their cultivation journey.

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Orange Sherbet FAST

Orange Sherbet FAST Strain
Orange Sherbet FF is a balanced hybrid, renowned for its distinct orange-flavored terpenes and high THC content of 26%. This strain is a dream for extract enthusiasts and growers of all levels, offering an easy cultivation process with minimal maintenance. It provides an uplifting yet calming high that works perfectly as an all-day strain.

The buds of Orange Sherbet FF are light neon-green with a fluffy appearance, thanks to dense trichome coverage. The aroma is a tantalizing blend of tangerine and sharp sour notes, while the flavor combines sweet citrus with pine and musky earth tones. This strain’s visual and sensory appeal is unmatched, catering to both novice and experienced consumers.

Growing up to 150 cm, Orange Sherbet FF is suitable for various spaces. Its fast-flowering nature, with a 5-week vegetation cycle, allows for quick harvests. This strain is particularly resin-rich, making it a top choice for producing high-quality hash and extracts. The ease of trimming and maintenance further adds to its allure for growers seeking efficient and rewarding cultivation.

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Shiskaberry Strain
Shiskaberry is a pure indica strain that offers a deep, berry-like experience, enhanced by earthy and spicy undertones. This strain’s development was a meticulous process, culminating in a distinct, pungent aroma and a taste that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a journey into a realm of relaxation and insight, perfect for those seeking a creative and happy state.

Indoors, Shiskaberry blooms in a brief 50–55 days, yielding up to 500–600 g/m². Outdoor cultivation sees this strain reach up to 1.2 meters, producing a staggering 1500–2000 grams under optimal dry conditions. Its growth pattern is conducive to a bountiful harvest, making it a top choice for those favoring speed and abundance.

The strain’s effect is multifaceted: initially loosening the tongue, followed by inducing happiness, and ultimately leading to full-body relaxation. Its aromatic profile is a fusion of pungent berry scents, making Shiskaberry a delightful selection for enthusiasts desiring a fast-flowering, potent indica.

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