Top 10 High Yield Autoflower Strains

Top 10 High Yield Autoflower Strains

Welcome to our selection of the highest yielding autoflower strains, where productivity and speed harmoniously intertwine. Our curated list of top 10 autoflower seeds offers a treasure trove of genetics that stand out for their bountiful yields and swift journey from seed to harvest. These strains, popular among cultivators and consumers alike, are the epitome of efficiency and abundance.

Diving into the realm of these high-yielding autoflower varieties, one discovers a rich tapestry of potent terpenes and potent THC levels. Each strain is a unique blend of feminized seeds, ensuring heavy, quality crops with minimal effort. These fast-finishing hybrids are not just a dream for growers; they are a testament to advanced breeding techniques, bringing forth an impressive harvest in record time.

Our selection spans the most in-demand and productive autoflowering strains, each with its distinctive profile of flavors and effects. From the novice gardener to the seasoned cultivator, these seeds promise a rewarding and abundant crop. Embrace the opportunity to explore these unparalleled genetics and experience the pinnacle of autoflowering cannabis cultivation.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Strain
Strawberry Cheesecake Auto, a cross of Strawberry Banana Auto and Cheese Auto, emerges as an indica-leaning champion. This strain flourishes into robust, multi-branched plants, renowned for their impressive yields of dense, resin-rich buds. Thriving indoors and outdoors, these medium-sized botanicals reach 140 cm indoors, slightly taller in open-air settings.

Adapting effortlessly to varied environments, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto’s autoflowering nature ensures a complete life cycle in 70–80 days, commencing flowering in the 3rd or 4th week. Its resilience suits even cooler summer climates, and in warmer climates, cultivators can enjoy two harvests per season. Indoor gardens yield a rewarding 500 g/m², while outdoor ventures can expect up to 600 grams per plant.

This strain tantalizes with a unique blend of pungent Skunk and sweet, fruity undertones, featuring lemon notes. Its THC content sits around 15%, with CBD below 1%, offering a physically soothing yet mentally invigorating effect. Ideal for stress relief and appetite stimulation, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto balances therapeutic benefits with a captivating flavor profile.

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Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Strain
Gorilla Zkittlez Auto, a genetic masterpiece, boasts a staggering 29.8% total cannabinoids, including up to 27.7% THC. This powerhouse offers a blend of old and new-school genetics, resulting in a quick-growing, high-yielding autoflower strain. Its award-winning lineage secured its status as a champion at Dabadoo Brasil 2022.

This strain showcases visually striking buds, adorned in dark green and purplish hues, enveloped in a thick layer of resin. Yielding up to a bountiful 650 g/m² in just 63 days, Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is a top contender for both extractors and bud enthusiasts. The plant’s indica dominance is evident in its robust structure and lush, wide leaves.

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto captivates with a complex terpene profile, starting with a spiced, woody aroma that evolves into a potent, candy-like sweetness. It provides a potent cerebral high, gradually transitioning to a lasting, narcotic body stone. Ideal for treating insomnia and muscle pain, this strain is a versatile choice for various needs, blending efficiency with an extraordinary flavor journey.

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Gelat.OG Auto

Gelat.OG Auto Strain
Gelat.OG Auto, the autoflowering variant of the famed West Coast strain Gelato, inherits its lineage from Sunset Sherbet and the Platinum pheno of Girl Scout Cookies. This hybrid boasts not only high THC levels but also an irresistible dessert-like aroma. It’s a perfect blend of sweet, earthy, and citrus notes, delivering a euphoric yet physically relaxing experience.

This auto strain thrives under 18 hours of indoor light daily and flourishes outdoors or in greenhouses even during summer peaks. Highly productive, Gelat.OG takes on a medium stature between 100–200 cm. Its buds often display enchanting purple hues, adding to its visual appeal. The THC content ranges from 16–24%, with CBD levels staying low at 0–1%.

Bred by Seedsman, Gelat.OG Auto stands out for its impressive yields of terpene-rich buds. Outdoor cultivators can harvest 200–450 grams per plant, while indoor growers can expect 450–600 g/m². This strain is a splendid choice for those seeking a high-yielding, potent, and flavorful autoflowering seed strain.

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LSD Auto

LSD Auto Strain
LSD Auto, a dynamic offering from Barney’s Farm, stands out as a prolific autoflower strain. This hybrid, a fusion of the renowned LSD and a robust autoflowering lineage, promises a swift, transcendental experience. Its rapid onset transforms your surroundings into a vibrant, pulsating vision, not recommended for cannabis novices due to its intense effects.

Cultivating LSD Auto is straightforward, making it accessible to a wide range of growers. Despite its rewarding yields, its cultivation requires minimal effort, offering an expedited route to formidable genetics. Outdoors, this strain yields up to 400 grams per plant, while indoor cultivators can expect a substantial 650 g/m².

LSD Auto’s sensory profile is a kaleidoscope of earthy chestnut, mango, citrus, with sweet and sour undertones, paired with a musky, earthy, and skunky aroma. The plant typically reaches 90 cm indoors, stretching up to 120 cm outdoors. Its short 65–70 day seed-to-harvest cycle and impressive production make it a top choice for those seeking high-yielding autoflowers.

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Orange Sherbet Auto

Orange Sherbet Auto Strain
Orange Sherbet Auto, a recent addition to the cannabis seed market, dazzles with its staggering 26% THC content. This super sour, orange-flavored terpene titan delivers an uplifting and exhilarating effect, making it a stellar choice for a wide array of growers. Its adaptability shines, thriving both indoors and outdoors across the seasons.

This sativa-dominant plant can reach up to 150 cm in height, boasting heavy yields up to 650 g/m² in less than 70 days, an ideal option for commercial cultivators seeking rapid harvests. Orange Sherbet Auto’s resilience and low-maintenance nature cater to even the busiest of growers, offering a hassle-free journey from seed to harvest.

The strain’s buds, light green with thick orange hairs and a frosty trichome coating, exude a tantalizing aroma of fresh citrus and tropical notes. Its pronounced terpene profile delivers flavors of sweet and sour tangerine sherbet, making it an irresistible choice for connoisseurs. The high, characterized by creativity and motivation, is perfect for social gatherings or creative pursuits.

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Alaskan Diesel Auto

Alaskan Diesel Auto Strain
Alaskan Diesel Auto, a vigorous and fast-growing strain, results from the crossbreeding of Candy Fruit Auto and a selected Diesel Auto. This strain is lauded for its solid yields and potent effects, making it a commendable choice for growers seeking high performance. Its growth pattern features a large central cola, ideal for Sea of Green (SoG) setups, particularly in indoor environments where it reaches about 110 cm in height.

In indoor settings, Alaskan Diesel Auto can yield around 450 g/m², while outdoor plants can produce between 60–90 grams each. The strain completes its life cycle in a swift 60–64 days from germination, offering a quick turnaround for growers. The mature buds exude a sweet diesel scent and are laden with resin, highlighting their potency and appeal for extract production.

With a high THC content ranging from 16–24%, Alaskan Diesel Auto is an indica dominant variety, ensuring a strong effect upon consumption. Its resin-rich buds yield abundantly for extract makers, adding to its allure. This strain’s robust growth, generous production, and potent effects solidify its position as a top contender in the high-yield autoflowering category.

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Dos Si Dos Auto

Dos Si Dos Auto Strain
Dos Si Dos Auto stands out as a high-yielding autoflower marvel. This strain is indica-dominant, boasting a genetic composition of 65% indica and 35% sativa. It represents a harmonious blend of Face Off OG, Girl Scout Cookies, and BF Super Auto #1, resulting in a surge in yield, potency, and trichome production.

The strain excels in both indoor and outdoor environments, reaching up to 100 cm and 140 cm in height respectively. With a rapid lifecycle, Dos Si Dos Auto transitions from seed to harvest in just 70–75 days. It’s not only fast but also prolific, producing yields up to 600 g/m² indoors and an impressive 800 grams per plant outdoors.

Dos Si Dos Auto is noted for its therapeutic effects, alleviating anxiety and pain. Its tantalizing lime flavor, reminiscent of freshly baked lemon meringue pie, coupled with its potent THC content above 20%, makes it a prime selection for growers seeking both high yield and quality.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain
Gorilla Cookies Auto, a star from Fast Buds, shines bright in the world of autoflowers. It’s celebrated for selling over a million seeds and its extraordinary THC content of 28.5%. The strain is a powerhouse of trichome production, inheriting the finest traits from its genetic lineage.

This plant is a beast in terms of production, achieving heights of around 150 cm and yielding up to 650 g/m² in just 10 weeks. Gorilla Cookies Auto produces dense, golf-ball-sized buds that are heavily frosted with trichomes, exuding a captivating aroma. Its resilience and ease of growth make it an ideal choice for both novice and commercial cultivators.

Gorilla Cookies Auto offers a balanced hybrid experience, starting with an uplifting cerebral rush and gradually transitioning into a relaxing body high. It boasts a complex flavor profile, blending kush, earthy mint, and sweet undertones of cookies. This auto strain is not only a lucrative option for growers due to its high yield and potency but also a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its rich, memorable taste.

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Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto Strain
Northern Lights Auto is a formidable autoflowering variety that boasts an impressive indica dominance. This strain’s dazzling display of purple, blue, and green hues is not just for show; it packs a powerful punch. With its genetic roots tracing back to Northern Lights and Ruderalis, it stands out as a robust and resilient cultivar.

This strain tantalizes the senses with a rich mosaic of flavors, mingling pine and earthy tones with a sweet and sour plum jam essence. The THC content of Northern Lights Auto is remarkably high, reaching up to 24%, while the CBD levels remain low at 0–1%. Its impact is a well-balanced dance of cerebral stimulation and profound relaxation, often leading to a state of couch lock.

Cultivating Northern Lights Auto is a breeze, thanks to its low-maintenance nature and resistance to mold, pests, and diseases. Its yield is nothing short of impressive, with outdoor plants producing 200–450 grams per plant and indoor yields reaching 450–600 g/m². This strain is particularly suited for cooler climates and reaches maturity within 10 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest.

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Zkittlez OG Auto

Zkittlez OG Auto Strain
Zkittlez OG Auto is an autoflowering strain that’s a perfect equilibrium of 50% sativa and 50% indica. This strain is a testament to the art of breeding, merging the fruity essence of Zkittlez with the classic OG to create a celestial, calming experience. Its tantalizing aroma and the promise of rare, sugar-coated fruits make it an irresistible choice for connoisseurs.

In a mere 70 days of cultivation, Zkittlez OG Auto astounds with its exceptional performance. This strain is loaded with THC—its dense, sugar-coated buds not only a visual delight but also a potent remedy for pain relief. The experience of growing and harvesting this strain is akin to participating in an extravagant display of US genetics in autoflowering form.

Indoor growers can expect bountiful yields with Zkittlez OG Auto, up to 600 g/m², a remarkable feat for an autoflowering strain. Outdoor cultivators are equally rewarded, with potential yields reaching up to 400 grams per plant. This strain’s balance of sativa and indica traits ensures a versatile and enriching growing experience, suitable for various conditions and preferences.

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