DJ Short

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DJ Short is a revered figure in the cannabis industry, with a career that spans almost four decades. He’s celebrated for his unique approach to breeding, prioritizing the sensory experience of cannabis consumption over yield or THC content. His most famous creation, the Blueberry strain, is often hailed as one of the finest examples of craftsmanship.

DJ Short’s selective breeding process ensures each seed pack offers something truly special to enthusiasts. His focus on the quality and uniqueness of the experience has set his strains apart in a market often focused on potency and production scale. This dedication to crafting distinct genetics has solidified DJ Short’s reputation as a pioneer in the field.

American customers have the privilege of accessing DJ Short’s exceptional cannabis seeds through Stellar Seeds, the country’s leading seed bank. Offering a curated selection of his finest genetics, Stellar Seeds provides an opportunity to explore the rich and nuanced flavors, aromas, and effects that define DJ Short’s legendary strains.

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