Top 10 High Yield Weed Strains

Top 10 High Yield Weed Strains

Welcome to the ultimate collection of the most lucrative and high-yielding cannabis strains available. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a novice in the garden of green, selecting the right seeds is crucial for a bountiful harvest. Our list encompasses a diverse range of highly sought-after, in-demand marijuana strains, known for their abundant yields and superior genetics.

Dive into the world of potent, feminized seeds, each a marvel of hybrid vigor and overflowing with rich terpenes and THC. These strains are not only productive but also offer an array of aromatic profiles and effects, catering to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs. The genetics of these strains allow for an extra-heavy, productive yield, rewarding growers with bumper crops.

Our selection is meticulously curated, featuring only the highest yielding strains that promise a profitable harvest. These popular varieties have been tested and proven to deliver exceptional results, both in quantity and quality. Whether grown indoors or out, these cannabis strains are designed to maximize your harvest, ensuring that each plant reaches its full, flourishing potential.


Glookies Strain
Glookies, a stellar strain from Barneys Farm, exemplifies a powerhouse of indica dominance. This strain is a performant cross of Gorilla Glue and The Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, both celebrated in their own right. It stands out in the Cali Collection, showcasing its impressive West Coast lineage.

The Glookies strain offers a robust, stoney effect coupled with an energizing, motivational surge. This transforms an ordinary day with its dynamic drive. Its unique flavor profile, blending Sour Diesel, Key Lime, and Walnut nuances, offers a taste sensation seldom found in the cannabis world.

This strain boasts prodigious yields, with indoor plants potentially producing up to 800 g/m². Outdoors, in optimal conditions, yields can skyrocket to an astonishing 2–3 kg per plant. Glookies’ massive buds, rich in 25% THC, reinforce its high-yield reputation. It’s an indica-heavy hybrid, with 30% sativa and 70% indica genetics.

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strain
Blue Dream, a favored choice among both commercial cultivators and cannabis aficionados, is renowned for its productivity, flavor, and uplifting effects. It’s a progeny of Blueberry and a unique U.S. Haze cut, boasting a 70% sativa dominance. This Californian strain flourishes both indoors and outdoors, revealing its full potential in open gardens.

Indoors, Blue Dream matures in 65–70 days, with potential yields of around 500 g/m². It reaches its zenith outdoors in warm, dry climates, mirroring its Californian roots. Outdoor plants can grow to a towering 250–350 cm, with harvests in the northern hemisphere ready by mid-October. These plants can yield massively, typically between 700–850 g/plant or more.

The strain’s flavor profile is a delicate blend of citric (lemon) notes, Haze, and Madeira wine, underpinned by high THC levels and low CBD content. Its effects are predominantly cerebral, providing a stimulating and enduringly pleasant high. Blue Dream is also rich in Alpha-Pinene, offering various therapeutic benefits.

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Mimosa EVO

Mimosa EVO Strain
The Mimosa EVO strain is a stellar representation of the evolution in modern cannabis breeding. This 60% indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between a renowned Emerald Triangle cut and Barneys Farm’s Orange Punch. The result is a strain rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, adorned with large, frosty buds.

Mimosa EVO’s flavor profile is a tropical delight, combining zesty lemony citrus with berry undertones. This strain not only tantalizes the palate but also provides a euphoric yet relaxing effect, perfect for cerebral nourishment. THC levels can soar up to 30% in expert hands, but a more typical range is 24–26%.

When it comes to yield, Mimosa EVO does not disappoint. Indoor growers can easily harvest 700 g/m², but outdoor growers, particularly in optimal conditions, might need ladders to reach the heights of over 2-meter tall plants. By early October, after a flowering period of over 65 days, these giants can yield upwards of 2 kg per plant. Mimosa EVO’s immense size and yield make it a top choice for those seeking high-yield strains.

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Critical Purple Kush

Critical Purple Kush Strain
Critical Purple Kush is a magnificent blend of genetics from Blueberry, Critical, and Peyote Purple, offering bumper crops of potent, top-shelf weed. This indica-dominant cultivar showcases the best traits of its ancestors, merging them into a singularly impressive strain. It flaunts beautiful purple buds, noted for their high THC content and a deeply relaxing impact—a true gem for cannabis aficionados.

This strain inherits its fruity aromas and prolonged euphoric effects from its Blackberry heritage, ensuring a delightful sensory experience. In terms of growth, Critical Purple Kush mirrors the indica-like traits of its Critical parent, albeit with a slightly more elongated structure. The incorporation of Peyote Purple genetics bestows this strain with its striking purple hues and potent THC levels.

Critical Purple Kush thrives in various growing environments but truly excels outdoors, where its purple colors are brilliantly accentuated. It boasts impressive yields, with outdoor plants yielding over 750 grams per plant and indoor setups producing more than 600 g/m². With a tall stature exceeding 200 cm and a flowering period of 8–10 weeks, it’s a high-yielding strain that delivers both quality and quantity.

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Dos Si Dos 33

Dos Si Dos 33 Strain
Dos Si Dos 33 is an popular and productive strain in Barney’s Cali Collection, blending a diverse array of potent US cannabis phenotypes. This strain originates from a blend of OG Kush Breath, Face Off OG, and Cookies Kush, further enriched with the genetics of Gelato #33. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa), promising a burst of euphoric energy followed by serene tranquility.

The lineage of Dos Si Dos 33 is a tapestry of top-tier genetics, offering the best of Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint GSC, and OG Kush influences. This blend results in an exceptional strain sporting contrasting lime green and violet hues, high THC content (22–28%), and a delightful taste profile. Its effects are profoundly relaxing, capable of soothing even the most restless minds.

In cultivation, Dos Si Dos 33 is a powerhouse, yielding up to 700 g/m² indoors with a compact height of just 90 cm. Outdoors, this strain can produce an astonishing 2 kg per plant, maturing by mid-October. Its impressive yield and balanced indica-sativa effects position it as a top choice for both recreational and medicinal users seeking high yields and heavy effects.

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Black Sugar

Black Sugar Strain
Black Sugar, an 80% indica strain, is a robust combination of Black Domina, L.A OG, and Critical genetics. This hardy cultivar forms a round, bushy structure with strong lower branches, indicative of its dominant indica heritage. Its short flowering time, substantial yield, and potent THC levels make it an exceptional choice for growers and users alike.

The rugged nature of Black Sugar allows it to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. It adapts well to various climatic conditions, thanks to its relatively brief flowering period. Outdoors, the plant can reach heights of 250–300 cm, yielding up to 800 grams per plant. Indoors, it flowers in just 50–55 days, producing around 600 g/m².

Black Sugar is not just about its impressive yield; it also offers a delightful sensory experience. The strain has a fruity aroma with dominant lemon and orange notes, complemented by a skunky undertone. Its very high THC and low CBD content deliver a powerfully narcotic effect, ideal for relaxation and introspection. This strain is a stellar pick for those in the market for a high-yielding, strong, and flavorful cannabis experience.

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Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41 Strain
Blue Gelato 41 is an intriguing fusion of Blueberry and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, enriched further by Sunset Sherbert’s fruity indica essence. Emblematic of West Coast cannabis genetics, this slightly indica-dominant strain offers a swift descent into a serene, psychedelic realm, awash with potent and pleasurable sensations.

This strain’s aesthetic charm is matched by its impressive performance. Phenotypes often exhibit alluring blue or purple hues, and the plants are lavishly coated in thick resin. These striking flowers exude a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of citrus, delighting the senses. Blue Gelato 41 is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

In terms of cultivation, Blue Gelato 41 is a bountiful producer. Indoors, it flowers within 9–10 weeks, potentially reaching heights of 150cm and yielding up to 600–700 g/m². Outdoors, the plant can soar to 2 meters, finishing in October, with the potential to yield a staggering 3 kg of high-quality cannabis.

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Alaskan Purple

Alaskan Purple Strain
Alaskan Purple, a robust and versatile strain, emerges from a lineage of Purple Alaskan, Kush, and a Brazilian sativa. This trichromatic hybrid is a prominent addition to the Seedsman range, known for its power, yield, and tantalizing flavors. The strain’s adaptability to various cultivation techniques makes it a top choice for growers, indoor and out.

Alaskan Purple displays a responsive growth pattern, suitable for a plethora of yield-boosting techniques like SoG, SCRoG, LST, super-cropping, and apical topping. It’s also capable of astounding outdoor growth, potentially surprising onlookers with its formidable stature. This strain not only thrives in different environments but also enchants with its purple hues upon maturity.

When grown indoors, Alaskan Purple flowers in about 9 weeks, yielding approximately 550 g/m². In outdoor settings, each plant can produce an astonishing 1700 grams, ready for harvest in the first half of October (Northern Hemisphere). This strain’s exceptional yield and adaptability make it a prized selection for those seeking high-yielding cannabis seeds.

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Mimosa x Orange Punch

Mimosa x Orange Punch Strain
Mimosa x Orange Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid that stands out with its exceptional colors, high potency, and heavy yield. This strain is particularly user-friendly, thriving under the care of both seasoned cultivators and greenhorn growers. A top contender in the cannabis seed market, Mimosa x Orange Punch produces extremely high THC levels from dense, terpene-rich buds.

In an indoor setting, Mimosa x Orange Punch reaches a modest height of 70–80 cm, yet it impressively yields up to 700 g/m² within a brief 55–60 day flowering period. When grown outdoors, the plants stretch taller, reaching 150–180 cm, with each capable of producing up to a colossal 1500 grams. The plant’s robustness is evident in its dense, side-branch laden structure, making it a high-yield powerhouse.

The aesthetic appeal of Mimosa x Orange Punch is undeniable, featuring purple-tinted buds that are both easy to trim and lavishly coated in sticky trichomes. The strain exudes a sweet mandarin aroma, leading into a delightful citrus and candy-like orange flavor. With a THC content peaking at an astonishing 30%, it offers a euphoric, soul-uplifting experience.

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Peyote Gorilla

Peyote Gorilla Strain
Peyote Gorilla is a formidable fusion of Peyote Purple and Gorilla Glue #4, synthesizing the stimulating qualities of its parent strains. This hybrid has made a significant impact, particularly in the medicinal marijuana sphere, thanks to its potent psychoactive properties. The blend offers a blend of soothing relief and a potent, uplifting high.

This indica-dominant variety yields copious amounts of high THC cannabis, with the THC:CBD ratio leaning heavily towards THC (20:1 or greater). Indoor growers can expect yields ranging from 450–600 g/m², while outdoor cultivators can harvest a generous 450–750 grams per plant. The plant’s stature is notably tall, surpassing 200 cm, fitting for its bountiful production.

The flowering period for Peyote Gorilla spans 8 to 10 weeks, with harvest times in September for the Northern Hemisphere and March in the Southern Hemisphere. This strain not only eases physical discomfort but also imparts a powerful, elevating high that gradually transitions into a relaxed state, providing patients with a tranquilizing reprieve.

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