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Strain Hunters, established by Arjan, Franco, and Simon from Greenhouse, is a unique seed bank born from global expeditions to preserve rare and exotic cannabis genetics. Their collection, now available to the public, includes premium feminized, regular, autoflower, hybrid, and landrace seeds, each with a story of discovery and conservation from the farthest corners of the planet.

The team’s mission focuses on safeguarding the diversity and history of cannabis, particularly the vulnerable landraces from the world’s poorest areas. By bringing these unique strains to the market, Strain Hunters offer enthusiasts the chance to explore and cultivate some of the planet’s most untouched genetics.

American growers can now delve into this treasure trove of cannabis history, as Strain Hunters’ exceptional seeds are available at Stellar Seeds, USA’s leading seed bank. Experience the pinnacle of rare cannabis genetics right in your backyard.