Green Bodhi

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Green Bodhi, founded in 2005 in the heart of Peru’s jungles, stands as a paragon of Intentional Horticulture in the cannabis industry. Guided by the principle, “Intention is the start and the finish,” this Oregon-based cultivator specializes in producing superior strains with a focus on relieving physical, emotional, and mental distress.

Led by John Bayes, a veteran in cannabis cultivation and Buddhist teachings, Green Bodhi integrates organic practices with spiritual insights to create a unique approach to growing. This method not only fosters plant growth but also supports Bayes’ philanthropic contributions to the Namgyal Monastery, embodying a commitment to altruism and environmental consciousness.

At Stellar Seeds, we’re proud to present Green Bodhi’s collection of regular and feminized seeds, all ready to purchase here in America. Their products reflect a deep respect for the plant’s medicinal and conscious-awakening properties, distinguishing them in the evolving cannabis landscape.