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Northern Mints Regular Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Northern Mints Regular Seeds on the web as quickly as possible from Green Bodhi with fast and low-key nationwide shipping to your address in America.

Northern Mints is a beloved Indica / Sativa marijuana plant sold as Regular seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding ganja herbs whereas ordinary seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at almost even sets.

Northern Mints’s flowering species is Ordinary photoperiod. Auto-flowering pot variances bloom ignoring daylight time whereas ordinary photoperiod genetics react to sunlight hours.

The Animal Mints x ’89 Northern Lights #5 genes of Northern Mints bring forth the bestest properties to this weed phenotype. The matured crop has extraordinary terpenes that provide extraordinary fragrances and qualities.

Buying Northern Mints Regular Seeds by Green Bodhi will allow you to develop this wonderful weed plant in your home or any place more.

Your Northern Mints Regular Seeds are swiftly mailed from in the country in simply a handful of days from buying these pot seeds on the net.

Numerous American people use Stellar Seeds as the most reputable seed bank to purchase Green Bodhi stock at discounted rates. We extend ensured careful shipping methods to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy American-owned seed store for the best marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to shopper gratification. Please do email our neighborly client service in case you want any help shopping for Northern Mints Regular Seeds online.

Northern Mints Strain Information

Northern Mints by Green Bodhi is a hybrid strain, a cross between Animal Mints and ’89 Northern Lights #5, producing medium-sized plants best grown indoors. This regular seed strain can develop into either male or female plants, which is particularly useful for cannabis breeders. The strain is known for its high THC production.

Indoors, Northern Mints flowers in 8 to 10 weeks, yielding an average of 350 to 450 grams per square meter. Growers are advised to employ effective carbon filters due to the strong aroma these plants emit. The strain boasts high mold resistance, even with dense buds. However, its cultivation requires some prior experience, making it less suitable for novices.

The buds of Northern Mints express a special blend of earthy Kush, sour, and fuel-like flavors. This rich and varied taste profile, combined with its high THC content, makes it a desirable choice for those who appreciate complex flavors in their cannabis.

Northern Mints Grow Guide

Northern Mints is a reasonably straightforward ganja plant to grow that performs greatly in most settings.

When the Northern Mints Regular Seeds have started to grow, you may present them with sunshine and water. Provide amendments when Northern Mints has concluded its germination development period.

The budlets are harvestable following a flowering time of 8–10 weeks, amply oozing with resin and soaked in frost. Northern Mints brings in a rewarding Medium harvest of high-grade Indica / Sativa nugs that provoke enjoyable Elevated, Elating, Robust, Pacifying sensations.

Stellar Seeds urges the ScrOG methodology for the best harvests when producing this phenotype indoors to increase bud composition. Northern Mints behaves notably nicely under the sun with respectable yield potential. This stellar weed plant solely craves adequate luminosity, water, and nutrients to do well.

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Strain Data Sheet


Green Bodhi

CBD Content

0–1 pct.


Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

8–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Animal Mints x '89 Northern Lights #5


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

11 seeds

Plant Height

100–200 cm



THC Content



Indica / Sativa