Seeds being readied for 2012!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look at this wonderful photo of Colleen O'Brien harvesting carrots. These are the beautiful Nantes Coreless variety that we've been growing and selecting for over six years now. We're really proud of how they look, grow, and especially taste. We've been working on improving this seed stock so that you can have the finest carrots growing in your garden. And the seed will be available for you in packet and bulk sizes in 2012.

It takes two years to grow carrot seed, and this picture shows the culmination of the first years' work - growing a perfect root. Then we store them for the winter, and eventually transplant them back into the ground next spring. They sprout leaves again, and send up stalks over 1m tall, loaded with flowers that eventually produce our high quality, locally grown, organic seed.

We're also working with other farmers in BC to bring ever more quantity of seeds to you, our customers. As you read this we're receiving seeds from different parts of the province, testing them for germination rates, and cleaning them up in preparation for sale this winter. It's really important that networks of farmers and seed companies work together like this. In fact, it's the best way to ensure a strong and independant seed supply that meets the needs of local agriculture. By growing the seed within our own farming communities we can decide what varieties to grow, the manner in which they're grown, and ensure that we don't use genetically modified seeds. If we rely on large, multinational seed companies to service our seed needs, we have little or no control over what is available. Keep it organic and keep it local! That's a central tenet for food, and it's the same for seed. We hope you enjoy growing Stellar Seeds and wish you a bountiful harvest for 2012.