Springing into Summer

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As we near summer solstice there is no doubt that spring has rushed by in a blur and the serious business of summer is soon to come. Serious fun that is, as we continue to develop our new farm property here in the West Kootenays. In the short time since winter and the later-than-usual snows finally left we've been busy working on critical tasks like deer-fencing projects and building a chicken coop and yard to house our flock of layers. Colleen, as you can see, is welcoming them into their new home. We've also been tilling up our fields that are currently growing a nice crop of garlic and will eventually be producing our beloved seeds.

We've had excellent help this spring from great volunteers lending their hands. We can now count new friends from France, England and Canada as part of the special magic that happens when people work together towards a long-term vision. Ten years from now I know we'll look back at all the little things (and a few big things too) on this farm and remember the people who passed through here helping it all become a reality. Thanks to Brad, Lydia, Frances, Alex, Martin, Anne et Mathieu. It's been a great start to our new farm.

To all our friends, and to customers both new and old, who purchased from us this spring, we thank you for choosing our seeds to plant in your gardens. It's been a cold and wet and late start for most of you, as we keep hearing when you speak to us on the phone or by email. Summer is coming! So is the heat! And we will all reap great, tasty rewards from the earth...soon. I know from our own experience, as well as your stories, how well these locally grown seeds will grow - even with the challenges of a late start. Enjoy your time in the gardens and fields, be it the backyard, or the back forty. Share the abundance that you'll harvest, share meals with your friends, and have a great summer tending your crops.