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00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy 00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds on the internet quickly from 00 Seeds with fast and stealth national delivery anywhere in America.

00 Kush FAST is a cherished largely indica ganja variety vended as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding reefer flowers whereas common seeds provide masculine and feminine plants at practically even ratios.

00 Kush FAST’s flowering species is Standard photoperiod. Auto marihuana types bloom no matter the daylight hours whereas ordinary photo-period cultivars adapt to sunlight hours.

The Choice of 00 Kush genes of 00 Kush FAST bestow the utmost best virtues to this cannabis strain. The final product has astonishing terpene medleys that create sensational fragrances and essences.

Buying 00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds by 00 Seeds will enable you to grow this fantastic marijuana variety indoors, outdoors, or somewhere at all.

Your 00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds are swiftly mailed without going thru customs in simply a handful of days from paying for these marihuana seeds on the internet.

Ever so many American growers use Stellar Seeds as the greatest seed market to purchase 00 Seeds goods at lowered costs. We provide dependable secretive shipping to all places in the U.S.

As the best USA seed shop for phenomenal ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to shopper fulfillment. Do email our warmhearted sales service for those who want any help shopping for 00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds online.

00 Kush FAST Strain Information

00 Kush FAST is predicated on a number of faster-finishing examples of 00 Kush. 00 Kush is bred from the utmost best, stabilised indica genes out of Northern California.

Indoors, plants develop to a height of 85 – 95 cm. and take 45 – 50 days of flowering to provide yields of 350 – 450 gr/m2. The small variety of side-branches make it an incredible selection for cultivation in smaller areas indoors. Plants grown outdoor develop to a height of 180 – 220 cm. with finish due in the primary 10 days of October in northern latitudes. 00 Kush FAST develops dense, resinous nugs.

Nuggets have an intense citrus aroma with sweet notes. THC content of twenty-two percent offers this variety a devastating effect both bodily and mentally.

00 Kush FAST Grow Guide

00 Kush FAST is a reasonably easygoing reefer variety to produce that succeeds in many grow spots.

As soon as the 00 Kush FAST Feminized Seeds have started to grow, you’ll be able to present them with illumination and water. Provide nutrition when 00 Kush FAST has finalized its sprouting growing state.

The nugs are done following a flowering time of 45–50 days, richly oozing with resin and coated in sugar crystals. 00 Kush FAST offers a rewarding Medium harvest of high-grade largely indica buds that provide pleasing Cerebral, Bodily, Powerful, Robust experiences.

Stellar Seeds encourages the Screen Of Green technique for the best possible product when producing this strain indoors to promote bud building. 00 Kush FAST behaves exceptionally properly outdoor with outstanding potentiality. This super marijuana plant solely requires ample lighting, moisture, and plant food to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


00 Seeds


Cerebral, Physical, Powerful, Strong

Flowering Time

45–50 days

Flowering Type



Selection of 00 Kush


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

3 seeds, 5 seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 85–95 cm; Outdoors: 180–220 cm.



THC Content

22 pct.


Mostly Indica