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Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds on the net now from Dutch Passion with fast and low-key local shipment in America.

Amsterdam Amnesia is a beloved dominantly sativa ganja plant up for sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding pot herbs whereas ordinary seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at close to even percentages.

Amsterdam Amnesia’s flowering variety is Ordinary photo-period. Autoflower herb strains bloom without regard to daylight time whereas photo-periodic cultivars react to sunlight hours.

The Asian and Jamaican Haze strains lineage of Amsterdam Amnesia add the supreme merits to this marijuana strain. The final product has fantastic terpenes that result in superb odors and essences.

Buying Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds by Dutch Passion will let you grow this prodigious weed plant inside, outdoors, or any place otherwise.

Your Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds are swiftly posted from in the country in simply a number of days from buying these herb seeds on the internet.

Very many American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the exemplary online store to purchase Dutch Passion merchandise at the best price point. We provide reliable careful shipping methods to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy domestic seeds bank for supreme ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is bound to buyer fulfillment. Kindly talk to our approachable support when you want any aid purchasing Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds online.

Amsterdam Amnesia Strain Information

Amsterdam Amnesia, aka Amnesia Haze, is the classic plant that originated in the Netherlands back in the day. Amsterdam Amnesia is a predominantly sativa plant with industrial harvest potential in addition to very high THC performance. It’s a great mix of classic Haze strains.

It is a plant for indoor cultivation alongside hotter climates. Plants take 9 – 10 weeks to finish the flowering cycle. Its skinny, sativa leaves permit for light to penetrate the inner bud sites and this plant is well-known for being extremely resilient against spider mites. Amsterdam Amnesia undergoes loads of stretch when put into the flowering stage so growers are warned to allow loads of headroom when producing indoors. Nugs are unusually dense and dense for a sativa. Yields are very high.

Amsterdam Amnesia has a scent and flavour of citrus and produces between 20 – 25% THC. The effect is euphoric, energising and uplifting however could be very stoney for the novice.

Amsterdam Amnesia Grow Guide

Amsterdam Amnesia is a reasonably undemanding pot plant to nurture that flourishes in most growing zones.

As soon as your Amsterdam Amnesia Feminized Seeds have started growing, you’ll be able to present them with illumination and water. Provide amendments when Amsterdam Amnesia has finalized its germination growing cycle.

The flowers are concluded following a flowering time of 63–70 days, totally resiny and coated in trichome crystals. Amsterdam Amnesia brings in a gainful harvest of marvelous dominantly sativa flowers that produce nice experiences.

Stellar Seeds suggests the Screen Of Green technique for best outcomes when producing this strain indoors to advance bud performance. Amsterdam Amnesia behaves exceptionally nicely outside with respectable yield potential. This outstanding weed plant solely wants satisfactory sunshine, moisture, and nutrients to triumph.

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Strain Data Sheet


Amnesia Haze


Dutch Passion

Flowering Time

63–70 days

Flowering Type



Asian and Jamaican Haze strains

Pack Size

1 seed, 10 seeds, 3 seeds, 5 seeds



THC Content

20–25 pct.


Mostly Sativa