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Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds on the net directly from Ethos Genetics with fast and stealth inland delivery to your location in America.

Banana Hammock RBX is a notable indica-dominant ganja plant vended as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine cannabis plants whereas typical seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at approximately even sets.

Banana Hammock RBX’s flowering variety is Ordinary photo-period. Auto-flowering dope variances bloom notwithstanding daylight time whereas photo-periodic genetics react to sunlight hours.

The Grape God X Mandarin Sunset parents of Banana Hammock RBX bestow the bestest excellences to this weed variety. The outcome has marvelous terpene combinations that bring forth wonderful fragrances and tastes.

Buying Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds by Ethos Genetics will allow you to develop this splendid weed plant in your home or any place otherwise.

Your Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped without going through customs in simply a short number of days from paying for these dope seeds on the net.

Very many American consumers use Stellar Seeds as the most reputable cannabis seed bank to purchase Ethos Genetics goods at lowered prices. We extend dependable discreet packaging to all places in the U.S.

As the exemplary U.S.-servicing seedbank for first-class ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to buyer happiness. Simply connect with our warmhearted support if you happen to want any aid obtaining Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds online.

Banana Hammock RBX Strain Information

Banana Hammock RBX, created by Ethos Genetics, is an indica-leaning strain that results from the crossbreeding of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset. It’s distinguished by its striking purple flowers, which are also rich in terpenes. This variety’s unique characteristics are a testament to its carefully selected parentage.

This strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, reaching maturity in about 56 to 60 days. Its robust, thick stems are well-equipped to support the weight of its large purple flowers. While the yield may be average, the quality of the harvest is exceptionally high, making it a worthwhile endeavor for cultivators focused on top-tier cannabis.

The aromatic profile of Banana Hammock RBX is a complex tapestry of honey, grape, ripe tropical fruits, and a hint of Skunk. Its cannabinoid content ranges between 22 to 25%, offering a soothing, physically relaxing effect typical of indica strains. This relaxing quality, combined with its rich aroma, makes it a favored choice for those seeking tranquility and sensory pleasure.

Banana Hammock RBX Grow Guide

Banana Hammock RBX is a reasonably straightforward cannabis plant to propagate that performs greatly in most situations.

When the Banana Hammock RBX Feminized Seeds have sprouted, you are able to present them with illumination and water. Provide fertilizer when Banana Hammock RBX has finalized its sapling development period.

The nugs are concluded following a flowering time of 56–60 days, richly resinous and lined in frost. Banana Hammock RBX provides a fruitful Medium harvest of top-grade indica-dominant buds that provide delightful Joyful, Highly effective, Chillaxing, Knockout experiences.

Stellar Seeds proposes the SCROG approach for optimum harvests when producing this variety indoors to enhance bud output. Banana Hammock RBX grows especially nicely under the sun with terrific potentiality. This stellar weed plant solely wants sufficient luminosity, moisture, and nutrition to prosper.

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Strain Data Sheet


Ethos Genetics


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

56–60 days

Flowering Type



Grape God X Mandarin Sunset


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 seeds



THC Content

20–25 pct.


Mostly Indica