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Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds on the web pronto from Atlas Seed with fast and low-key inland shipping anywhere in America.

Banjerine FAST is a esteemed mostly sativa cannabis plant up for sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding pot plants whereas standard seeds yield masculine and feminine plants at approximately even ratios.

Banjerine FAST’s flowering sort is Regular photoperiod. Auto weed cultivars bloom heedless of daylight time whereas standard photo-period genetics react to sunlight hours.

The Banjo x Cotton Candy Auto lineage of Banjerine FAST contribute the supreme merits to this cannabis chemovar. The end product has astonishing terpene medleys that provide superb scents and tastes.

Buying Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds by Atlas Seed will allow you to develop this astonishing weed plant in your home or wherever more.

Your Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds are swiftly forwarded without going thru customs in simply a handful of days from paying for these weed seeds online.

So many American people use Stellar Seeds as the supreme cannabis seed bank to purchase Atlas Seed wares at discounted rates. We provide assured secretive shipping methods to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy American store for extraordinary cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is devoted to buyer happiness. Please do drop an email to our agreeable product service when you want any support ordering Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds online.

Banjerine FAST Strain Information

Banjerine FAST is a potent cannabis strain with 80% sativa genetics. It’s a robust and consistent strain, known for its uniformity despite being an F1 hybrid. This strain is a favorite among extract-makers who use cold water extraction methods due to its high yields and exceptionally high THC levels, ranging from 20% to 28%.

Whether you’re growing it indoors or outdoors, Banjerine adapts well to various environments. Indoor cultivation takes about 9-10 weeks for flowering, while outdoor growers should start germination in early May and transplant in June (northern hemisphere) or harvest in September (northern latitudes) or March (southern hemisphere). The strain’s terpene profile leans towards citrusy aromas, often featuring hints of tangerine and mandarin, complemented by subtle fuel notes, providing an uplifting and potent experience.

Banjerine FAST Grow Guide

Banjerine FAST is a reasonably easygoing pot plant to propagate that does well in many grow spots.

Once the Banjerine FAST Feminized Seeds have started to grow, you’ll be able to present them with sunshine and water. Provide nutrition when Banjerine FAST has concluded its germination development state.

The nuggets are finished following a flowering time of 9–10 weeks, extensively resinous and enveloped in crystals. Banjerine FAST gives a worthy High crop of first-rate mostly sativa nugs that supply pleasing Psychedelic, Inspiring, Delightful, Effective experiences.

Stellar Seeds urges the ScrOG technique for ideal performance when producing this chemovar indoors to encourage bud building. Banjerine FAST does exceptionally nicely under the sun with incredible potentiality. This fantastic weed plant solely craves satisfactory lighting, water, and plant food to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


Atlas Seed


Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Powerful

Flowering Time

9–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Banjo x Cotton Candy Auto


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 + 2 seeds



THC Content

20–28 pct.


Mostly Sativa