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Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds on the web pronto from Royal Queen Seeds with fast and secretive in-country transport in America.

Bubble Kush Auto is a prominent mostly indica cannabis cultivar offered as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine ganja plants whereas ordinary seeds give masculine and feminine plants at approximately even sets.

Bubble Kush Auto’s flowering sort is Autoflowering. Autoflowering ganja variances bloom ignoring daylight hours whereas photo-periodic cultivars conform to sunlight hours.

The Bubble Gum x O.G. Kush x Critical Automatic genes of Bubble Kush Auto bring out the utmost best characteristics to this marijuana species. The matured crop has marvelous terps that result in marvelous scents and tastes.

Buying Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds will let you crop this fabulous marijuana cultivar indoors, outside, or somewhere at all.

Your Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds are swiftly expedited without going through customs in simply a short number of days from paying for these ganja seeds online.

Ever so many American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the most trusted cannabis seed bank to purchase Royal Queen Seeds wares at the most affordable rates. We extend secured camouflaged shipment to all areas in the U.S.

As the original U.S.-servicing store for rare cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to client happiness. Do drop an email to our helpful sales service for those who want any support purchasing Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds online.

Bubble Kush Auto Strain Information

This selection was bred to include the utmost best parts of all strains to create a plant that’s both straightforward to grow and presents a marvelous product. This cultivar has a pleasantly sweet style with subtly earthy undertones and a strong, stony, constructive effect.

Bubble Gum
From its origins in Indiana to its later improvement in the Netherlands, this world-famous indica cultivar has developed notoriety for its easy-going but hovering effect. The distinctive sweet style and scent of this award-winning ganja contributes to the equally idiosyncratic but pleasing sweet flavour of Bubble Kush Automatic.

OG Kush
This exceedingly prevailing cultivar has characteristics of both indica and sativa, and its intense and long-lasting sensations have performed no small half in the variability’s fame all through the world.

Royal Critical Automatic
Royal Critical Automatic is prevailing with growers due its exceptionally fast and straightforward producing course of and enormous per-plant yields.

So far as producing is anxious, these seeds are auto-flowering. In contrast to conventional feminized seeds, similar to conventional Bubba Kush and Bubble Kush Feminized seeds, growers shouldn’t have to fret about ensuring the plants get 12 hours of direct light a day. Due to the ruderalis parts of this cultivar’s genes, these plants flower on their very own inside about 5 to seven weeks, identical to different seeds similar to Bubble Gum Automatic or Bubba Kush Automatic, both of that are equally beloved by growers for crop and ease of producing.

When producing outdoor, Bubble Kush Automatic is available for crop in seven to eight weeks. Indoors, profusely grown plants are 70 to 100 centimetres high, and outdoor the height ranges from 100 to 140 centimeters. Growers can anticipate a wholesome crop of 120 to 170 grams per out of doors plant over drying.

As soon as harvested, this selection packs a wallop with 16 p.c THC. The dominant effect reported with this cultivar is a way of euphoria, with many customers noting this selection’s usefulness for stress launch. Since this ganja is genetically 60 p.c indica, typical incida sensations are additionally current together with elevated urge for food and bodily relaxation. Some insomniacs discover this cultivar helpful as a sleep support, however the well-rounded high doesn’t go away customers feeling overwhelmingly torpid or drowsy.

These hardy seeds are perfect for growers who need a fast producing and routinely flowering plant that doesn’t require much effort as other conventional feminized seeds. This hybrid cultivar is continuous to earn followers not just for its simple producing course of but additionally its agreeable style and strong highs.

Bubble Kush Auto Grow Guide

Bubble Kush Auto is a reasonably straightforward ganja cultivar to grow that succeeds in most settings.

Once the Bubble Kush Auto Feminized Seeds have begun to grow, you possibly can present them with sunshine and water. Provide fertilizer when Bubble Kush Auto has finished its germination development stage.

The nuggets are harvestable over a flowering time of 5–7 weeks, profusely dripping in resin and blanketed in kief. Bubble Kush Auto supplies a productive crop of first-rate mostly indica flowers that deliver enjoyable sensations.

Stellar Seeds suggests the SCROG process for ideal outcomes when producing this species indoors to boost bud output. Bubble Kush Auto does exceptionally nicely outdoor with phenomenal potentiality. This prodigious marijuana plant solely craves ample sunshine, moisture, and plant food to fly high.

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Strain Data Sheet


Royal Queen Seeds

CBD Content


Flowering Time

5–7 weeks

Flowering Type



Bubble Gum x O.G. Kush x Critical Automatic

Medical Properties

Good for stress release, increasing appetite, helps with insomnia

Pack Size

1 seed, 10 seeds, 3 seeds, 5 seeds

Plant Height

80–100 cm; up to 140 cm outdoors



THC Content

16 pct.


Mostly Indica