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Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds on the internet immediately from Nirvana with fast and stealth in-country delivery to your location in America.

Bubblelicious is a prized dominantly indica cannabis chemovar vended as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding weed flowers whereas typical seeds bear masculine and feminine plants at close to even sets.

Bubblelicious’s flowering species is Standard photoperiod. Auto weed chemovars bloom without regard to lighting schedule whereas conventional photo-period genetics react to sunlight hours.

The Big Bud x Skunk #1 genes of Bubblelicious add the bestest merits to this weed strain. The outcome has amazing terpene combinations that result in splendid fragrances and qualities.

Buying Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds by Nirvana will enable you to cultivate this splendid weed chemovar inside, outdoors, or any place more.

Your Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds are swiftly mailed without going through customs in simply a couple days from buying these weed seeds online.

Innumerable American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the leading online store to purchase Nirvana goods at the best price point. We introduce assured careful shipment to all areas in the U.S.

As the original American-owned seed shop for phenomenal cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to consumer happiness. Simply connect with our helpful product service for those who want any aid purchasing Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds online.

Bubblelicious Strain Information

Bubblelicious was developed in the Midwest, U.S.A., then delivered to the Netherlands in the Nineties to be additionally refined. Its weed plants are vigorous and end flowering in about 8 weeks. Nirvana Bubblelicious is very resinous and additional sweet. Sure flowers will really show a definite pink bubblegum scent and flavour. This chemovar of weed can also be very appropriate for medical weed customers.

Bubblelicious Grow Guide

Bubblelicious is a reasonably simple weed chemovar to grow that flourishes in many situations.

Once the Bubblelicious Feminized Seeds have started growing, you possibly can present them with illumination and water. Provide nutes when Bubblelicious has finished its germination development state.

The flowers are concluded following a flowering time of 8–10 weeks, profusely resinous and coated in THC crystals. Bubblelicious offers a productive production of grand dominantly indica nuggets that supply delightful sensations.

Stellar Seeds encourages the Screen Of Green methodology for the best possible harvests when producing this strain indoors to support bud composition. Bubblelicious does exceptionally effectively outdoor with amazing sizes. This outstanding weed plant solely wants adequate luminosity, water, and plant food to burst forth.

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Strain Data Sheet





Flowering Time

8–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Big Bud x Skunk #1

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 seeds




Mostly Indica