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Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds on the web as quickly as possible from FastBuds with fast and stealth nationwide shipping to your address in America.

Cream Cookies Auto is a treasured dominantly indica ganja plant ready to buy as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding weed plants whereas common seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at almost even sets.

Cream Cookies Auto’s flowering species is Autoflowering. Autoflowering pot species bloom ignoring day length whereas photo-period strains react to sunlight hours.

The Girl Scout Cookies parents of Cream Cookies Auto contribute the elite natures to this cannabis strain. The finished product has terrific terpene medleys that create exceptional scents and qualities.

Buying Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds by FastBuds will permit you to grow this awesome marijuana plant in your home or somewhere more.

Your Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds are swiftly expedited locally in simply a handful of days from paying for these pot seeds online.

Ever so many American shoppers use Stellar Seeds as the most trusted seed market to purchase FastBuds merchandise at affordable prices. We introduce ensured secretive shipping to all areas in the U.S.

As the very best ‘Murican seed shop for great ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to consumer pleasure. Simply reach out to our agreeable customer service should you want any aid obtaining Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds online.

Cream Cookies Auto Strain Information

Cream Cookies Auto combines the euphoria of our mega-hit Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower plant with a clean and creamy makeover. It is a distinctive indica dominant hybrid with sufficient pep to smoke any time of the day. The plant itself is simple as it is versatile. We have seen huge harvests with all types of growing mediums and light setups. Some level of consideration, good nutes, and lights is all it takes to reap the rewards of this one in kind pot plant.

Cream Cookies is one in every of our most versatile strains, in a position to calm down the smoker whereas nonetheless giving the mind that sativa kick. It grants a cerebral but giddy power earlier than easily sliding into a calming indica body buzz with a pleasant stimulation of the urge for food. A toke or two will keep you going all through the day, however watch out to not overdo it (till nighttime at the least), the more you smoke, the more indica-like highs dominate the experience.

It’s the right high to share with others, the type of ganja meant to smoked with buddies and some drinks, or with somebody close.

Cream Cookies Auto Grow Guide

Cream Cookies Auto is a reasonably uncomplicated weed plant to care for that prospers in most settings.

When the Cream Cookies Auto Feminized Seeds have begun to grow, you may present them with illumination and water. Provide nutrition when Cream Cookies Auto has finished its sapling development stage.

The nuggets are finalized following a flowering time of 8–11 weeks from seed, abundantly caked in resin and blanketed in kief. Cream Cookies Auto provides a gratifying High harvest of first-rate dominantly indica flowers that produce pleasing Relaxing, Uplifting highs.

Stellar Seeds proposes the SCROG technique for the best possible outcomes when producing this strain indoors to increase bud building. Cream Cookies Auto behaves exceptionally nicely outside with amazing growth sizes. This wondrous marijuana plant solely demands sufficient luminosity, moisture, and nutrition to burgeon.

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Strain Data Sheet




Relaxing, Uplifting

Flowering Time

8–11 weeks from germination

Flowering Type



Girl Scout Cookies


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Conditions

Arthritis, Asthma, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Lack of Appetite, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Pain, Stress

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 seed, 10 seeds, 3 seeds, 5 seeds

Plant Height

60–90 cm.




Mostly Indica