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Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) on the net this instant from DNA Genetics with fast and low-key national shipment in America.

Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) is a beloved mainly indica marijuana chemovar offered as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot herbs whereas ordinary seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at close to even percentages.

Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection)’s flowering sort is Photo-period. Autoflower marihuana species bloom ignoring day length whereas standard photoperiod strains adjust to sunlight hours.

The Do-Si-Do x Sorbet lineage of Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) transfer the finest excellences to this weed variety. The end product has astonishing terpene combinations that make splendid odors and qualities.

Buying Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) by DNA Genetics will allow you to develop this prodigious cannabis chemovar inside, outdoors, or any place otherwise.

Your Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) are swiftly posted without going through customs in simply a handful of days from buying these marihuana seeds online.

Umpteen American growers use Stellar Seeds as the preferred marijuana seed bank to purchase DNA Genetics stock at affordable prices. We give dependable careful packaging to all areas in the U.S.

As the original American-owned seeds bank for supreme marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is driven to shopper fulfillment. Kindly reach out to our helpful customer care if you happen to want any aid ordering Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) online.

Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) Strain Information

Double Stuffed Sorbet, a potent offspring of Do-Si-Do and Sorbet, captivates with its rich aroma and creamy flavor that instantly brings a sense of happiness, relaxation, and euphoria. This robust, high-yielding hybrid thrives quickly, showing signs of significant resin production early in the growth stage, which makes it an ideal candidate for indoor, outdoor, and especially greenhouse cultivation. Its notable characteristic is the copious amount of resin it produces, making it a dream plant for concentrate creators.

The plant’s genetic makeup is predominantly Indica (70%), which contributes to its intense calming effects, complemented by the uplifting influence of its 30% Sativa lineage. It flowers within 8-9 weeks, culminating in yields that are impressively high, ranging from 500 to 650 grams per square meter. This makes the Double Stuffed Sorbet not only a treat for the senses but also a lucrative option for growers looking for abundant harvests.

The strain stands out for its creamy taste and powerful relaxing effects, making it a favorite among those seeking relief from stress and pain, or simply looking to unwind after a long day. Its high resin content not only promises a premium experience for users but also offers extensive possibilities for those interested in making high-quality cannabis concentrates.

Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) Grow Guide

Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) is a reasonably straightforward pot chemovar to farm that succeeds in most grow spots.

As soon as the Double Stuffed Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) have begun to grow, you may present them with sunshine and water. Provide nutes when Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) has finished its sapling growing period.

The budlets are harvestable following a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, totally oozing with resin and topped in trichome crystals. Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) provides a worthy Very High harvest of magnificent mainly indica flowers that produce gratifying Joyous, Effective, Tranquil, Heavy highs.

Stellar Seeds advises the SCROG methodology for prime outcomes when producing this variety indoors to increase bud composition. Double Stuffed Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) does really properly outdoor with nice yield potential. This outstanding cannabis plant solely craves sufficient lighting, moisture, and nutrients to burst forth.

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Strain Data Sheet


DNA Genetics


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

8–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Do-Si-Do x Sorbet


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 seeds, 6 seeds




Mostly Indica


Very High