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Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds on the internet at once from Humboldt Seed Co. with fast and secretive local shipping anywhere in America.

Durban Poison Auto is a prominent Sativa cannabis cultivar up for sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot flowers whereas conventional seeds offer pollinating and feminine plants at almost even percentages.

Durban Poison Auto’s flowering sort is Autoflowering. Autoflowering pot chemovars bloom irrespective of lighting schedule whereas ordinary photoperiod strains adjust to sunlight hours.

The Mint Jelly Auto x Durban Poison HET x Durban Poison Auto genes of Durban Poison Auto supply the perfect attributes to this weed variety. The matured crop has remarkable terpene compositions that make incredible odors and qualities.

Buying Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds by Humboldt Seed Co. will allow you to develop this wonderful marijuana cultivar indoors, outside, or any place otherwise.

Your Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds are swiftly expedited from in the country in simply a handful of days from paying for these pot seeds online.

Countless American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the preferred seed shop to purchase Humboldt Seed Co. offerings at the cheapest price point. We present reliable private shipment to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy in-country seed distributor for rare cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to client happiness. Just connect with our agreeable support for those who want any support ordering Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds online.

Durban Poison Auto Strain Information

Durban Poison Auto takes the iconic Durban Poison to new heights as a predominantly sativa auto-flowering hybrid. This strain is the offspring of Mint Jelly Auto and two versions of Durban Poison, combining to create a potent, resin-rich plant. Despite a slightly longer growth period of around 100 days, this strain promises great yields and THC-packed flowers, ideal for enthusiasts of powerful effects and extract artists alike.

Cultivators will appreciate its adaptability to outdoor and greenhouse conditions, with ongoing evaluations for indoor growth potential. The aesthetic appeal is undeniable, featuring light green, frosty colas that beckon with promise. Its terpene profile offers a refreshing blend of mint, pine, and gas, delivering a unique and invigorating flavor experience.

With THC levels soaring between 28% and 32%, Durban Poison Auto is not for the faint-hearted. It provides an energizing, potent high that’s perfect for creative endeavors or a boost in vitality. This strain is particularly suited for those looking to produce high-quality extracts, making it a valuable addition to any cultivator’s collection.

Durban Poison Auto Grow Guide

Durban Poison Auto is a reasonably effortless pot cultivar to produce that succeeds in many grow spots.

As soon as your Durban Poison Auto Feminized Seeds have started growing, you’ll be able to present them with illumination and water. Provide nutes when Durban Poison Auto has accomplished its germination growing period.

The flowers are finished following a flowering time of 100 days from seed, amply hashy and blanketed in THC crystals. Durban Poison Auto produces a rewarding crop of glorious Sativa nuggets that provoke enjoyable Mental, Thought-provoking, Happy, Effective feelings.

Stellar Seeds proposes the SCROG approach for best product when producing this variety indoors to support bud output. Durban Poison Auto behaves outstandingly nicely under the sun with wonderful growth sizes. This terrific marijuana plant solely wants sufficient light, moisture, and nutrition to get ahead.

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Strain Data Sheet


Humboldt Seed Co.


Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Powerful

Flowering Time

100 days from seed

Flowering Type



Mint Jelly Auto x Durban Poison HET x Durban Poison Auto


Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds



THC Content

28–32 pct.