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Early Girl Regular Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Early Girl Regular Seeds on-line as soon as possible from Sensi Seeds with fast and stealth nationwide delivery anywhere in America.

Early Girl is a prominent indica-dominant ganja chemovar available to purchase as Regular seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot herbs whereas ordinary seeds yield masculine and feminine plants at close to even ratios.

Early Girl’s flowering variety is Photo-period. Auto-flowering pot types bloom notwithstanding lighting schedule whereas regular photoperiod genetics adjust to sunlight hours.

The Afghani x North Indian x Mexican Sativa parents of Early Girl bring out the supreme virtues to this weed species. The finished product has phenomenal terpenes that result in first-rate scents and essences.

Buying Early Girl Regular Seeds by Sensi Seeds will allow you to develop this remarkable marijuana chemovar in your home or somewhere more.

Your Early Girl Regular Seeds are swiftly forwarded without going thru customs in simply a handful of days from buying these pot seeds online.

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As the trustworthy in-country seed shop for rare ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to shopper happiness. Do connect with our neighborly client service in the event you want any help shopping for Early Girl Regular Seeds online.

Early Girl Strain Information

Early Girl Regular is known for its swift flowering time, marking it as an ideal choice for those seeking a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. This strain is a balanced mix of 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics, resulting in robust and compact plants that are well-suited to various growing environments, including outdoor gardens, balconies, and indoor setups. Despite adverse conditions such as cold weather or temperature fluctuations, Early Girl Regular remains resilient, thanks to its strong genetic heritage from Afghan, north Indian, and Mexican sativa strains.

This strain is particularly user-friendly, making it an excellent option for beginners or those looking for stress-free cultivation. It produces homogeneous plants that require minimal intervention to thrive, yielding large buds on a central stem. Early Girl Regular’s adaptability to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, coupled with its short flowering time and minimal maintenance requirements, makes it a reliable choice for growers at all levels.

The consumption of Early Girl Regular results in a gentle, euphoric buzz that’s perfect for unwinding without overwhelming sedation. Its flavor profile is earthy and sweet, reminiscent of traditional hashish, with a subtle citrus twist inherited from its Mexican sativa lineage. This combination provides a pleasing and mild experience, suitable for those looking to enjoy a relaxed, chilled-out vibe.

Early Girl Grow Guide

Early Girl is a reasonably uncomplicated pot chemovar to care for that performs well in most grow spots.

As soon as the Early Girl Regular Seeds have started growing, you now can present them with sunshine and water. Provide nutrition when Early Girl has fulfilled its sprout growing stage.

The flowers are done over a flowering time of seven–8 weeks, thoroughly caked in resin and topped in THC crystals. Early Girl provides a special High harvest of divine indica-dominant nuggets that provoke enjoyable Happy, Strong, Peaceful, Knockout sensations.

Stellar Seeds advises the ScrOG methodology for best product when producing this species indoors to enhance bud performance. Early Girl does notably effectively outdoor with wonderful yield possibility. This fantastic marijuana plant solely demands adequate light, water, and nutrition to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


Sensi Seeds


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

7–8 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghani x North Indian x Mexican Sativa


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

10 seeds




Mostly Indica