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Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) on the web immediately from DNA Genetics with fast and secretive in-house delivery in America.

Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) is a prominent dominantly indica ganja cultivar marketed as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding pot herbs whereas conventional seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at close to even spreads.

Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection)’s flowering sort is Regular photo-period. Auto-flowering reefer types bloom ignoring daylight hours whereas standard photoperiod phenotypes adapt to sunlight hours.

The Gelato 33 x Sorbet lineage of Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) impart the utmost best traits to this cannabis phenotype. The final product has awesome terps that bring forth incredible odors and qualities.

Buying Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) by DNA Genetics will allow you to develop this breathtaking marijuana cultivar indoors, outdoors, or somewhere more.

Your Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) are swiftly posted nationally in simply a number of days from paying for these reefer seeds online.

Innumerable American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the most trustworthy cannabis seed bank to purchase DNA Genetics stock at cheap prices. We give assured careful shipment to all places in the U.S.

As the top American-led seed supplier for the best ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to shopper happiness. Simply drop an email to our sociable product service when you want any aid ordering Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) online.

Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) Strain Information

Gelato Sorbet is an eye-catching, easy-to-grow strain that produces colorful, resin-drenched buds characterized by a fruity and dank flavor profile. It is particularly suited for novice growers due to its uniform growth pattern, which simplifies the cultivation process and increases the chance of a successful, bountiful harvest. The strain’s balanced nature, with an equal mix of vibrancy and ease, results in yields of 450-500 grams per square meter over an 8-9 week flowering period.

This strain is the progeny of Gelato 33 and Sorbet, combining the best traits of both to create a plant with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics. This composition offers a delightful blend of relaxation from its Indica roots, with a touch of Sativa’s mood-enhancing effects, making it an excellent choice for both personal enjoyment and social settings. The Gelato Sorbet is particularly appealing to those who favor the sweet, intense flavors and aromas characteristic of the Gelato lineage.

Given its ease of cultivation and the rewarding yields it produces, Gelato Sorbet is set to become a star in gardens across the globe. Its appealing flavor profile, coupled with the visually stunning appearance of its buds, makes this strain a must-try for cannabis connoisseurs and garden enthusiasts alike, promising an all-around pleasurable growing and consumption experience.

Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) Grow Guide

Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) is a reasonably easygoing pot cultivar to grow that succeeds in many places.

As soon as your Gelato Sorbet Feminized Seeds (Sorbet Collection) have begun to grow, you are able to present them with illumination and water. Provide nutrition when Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) has accomplished its sapling growing stage.

The nuggets are finished over a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, entirely resinous and blanketed in trics. Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) offers a lucrative High production of magnificent dominantly indica buds that deliver good Happy, Highly effective, Tranquil, Knockout highs.

Stellar Seeds urges the Screen Of Green methodology for the very best product when producing this phenotype indoors to boost bud creation. Gelato Sorbet (Sorbet Collection) behaves outstandingly effectively under the sun with awesome capacity. This awesome marijuana plant solely requires satisfactory lighting, water, and plant food to triumph.

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Strain Data Sheet


DNA Genetics


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

8–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Gelato 33 x Sorbet


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 seeds, 6 seeds




Mostly Indica