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Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) on-line promptly from Cali Connection with fast and secretive local shipping to your address in America.

Italian Ice (Gold Collection) is a prestigious Hybrid cannabis chemovar available to purchase as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding dope flowers whereas common seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at almost even spreads.

Italian Ice (Gold Collection)’s flowering species is Photo-type. Auto-flowering herb variations bloom notwithstanding lighting schedule whereas regular photo-period varieties adapt to sunlight hours.

The Forbidden Fruit x Gelato 45 heritage of Italian Ice (Gold Collection) add the utmost best aspects to this cannabis chemovar. The crop has phenomenal terpenes that provide wonderful fragrances and qualities.

Buying Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) by Cali Connection will allow you to develop this prodigious marijuana chemovar indoors, outdoors, or anyplace at all.

Your Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) are swiftly forwarded from in the country in simply a number of days from buying these herb seeds on the net.

Ever so many American shoppers use Stellar Seeds as the preferred online store to purchase Cali Connection goods at the most affordable prices. We provide dependable low-key shipping methods to all places in the U.S.

As the original patriotic store for great cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is bound to consumer happiness. Just drop an email to our outgoing customer service should you want any aid obtaining Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) online.

Italian Ice (Gold Collection) Strain Information

Italian Ice is a gem from the Gold Collection by Cali Connection, characterized by its fruit-forward flavor profile. This plant is known for its impressive yields and sturdy central bud. It’s an easy-to-clone variety that prefers to spread out, forming a well-rounded and robust plant. The structure and genetics of Italian Ice contribute to its solid yields and appealing form.

The scent of Italian Ice combines the sweetness of blueberries and the richness of hash, complemented by a musky, citrus undertone, creating a complex and sweet aroma. This profile results in a long-lasting, sweet, and pungent taste that captivates the palate. Its high terpene content ensures that the extracts produced are exceptionally vibrant and aromatic, standing out for their bold flavors.

Italian Ice is the offspring of Forbidden Fruit and Gelato 45, blending the best traits of both parents. This strain requires a flowering period of 69 to 74 days. It’s designed for those who cherish a profound, fruity taste and a memorable growing experience, promising a harvest that is as rewarding as its consumption.

Italian Ice (Gold Collection) Grow Guide

Italian Ice (Gold Collection) is a reasonably easygoing dope chemovar to farm that does well in most grow areas.

When the Italian Ice Feminized Seeds (Gold Collection) have popped up, you are able to present them with sunshine and water. Provide nutrition when Italian Ice (Gold Collection) has concluded its sprout growing period.

The nugs are finished growing over a flowering time of 69–74 days, totally oozing with resin and buried in trichome crystals. Italian Ice (Gold Collection) produces a lucrative High crop of divine Hybrid nugs that produce enjoyable Psychedelic, Elating, Mighty, Pacifying results.

Stellar Seeds proposes the ScrOG methodology for the finest product when producing this chemovar indoors to promote bud output. Italian Ice (Gold Collection) grows really effectively outdoor with wonderful potential. This fantastic marijuana plant solely demands adequate lighting, moisture, and plant food to succeed.

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Strain Data Sheet


Cali Connection


Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

69–74 days

Flowering Type



Forbidden Fruit x Gelato 45


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

6 seeds