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Kalamata Red Regular Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Kalamata Red Regular Seeds on the net pronto from The Real Seed Company with fast and stealthy internal transport in America.

Kalamata Red is a notable dominantly sativa cannabis chemovar marketed as Regular seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine cannabis flowers whereas ordinary seeds yield pollinating and feminine plants at close to even percentages.

Kalamata Red’s flowering species is Photo-period. Auto-flowering marihuana species bloom ignoring daylight hours whereas standard photoperiod varieties adjust to sunlight hours.

The Greek Heirloom lineage of Kalamata Red transfer the utmost best merits to this cannabis strain. The finish outcome has marvelous terpenes that provide first-rate fragrances and qualities.

Buying Kalamata Red Regular Seeds by The Real Seed Company will allow you to develop this awesome weed chemovar inside, outdoors, or wherever more.

Your Kalamata Red Regular Seeds are swiftly expedited within the country in simply a number of days from paying for these marihuana seeds online.

Many American consumers use Stellar Seeds as the supreme online seedbank to purchase The Real Seed Company wares at favorable prices. We present reliable discreet packaging to all areas in the U.S.

As the number one American-owned seedbank for phenomenal cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is bound to shopper fulfillment. Kindly send an email to our approachable product service for those who want any support shopping for Kalamata Red Regular Seeds online.

Kalamata Red Strain Information

Kalamata Red encapsulates the rich history and struggle of cannabis cultivation in Greece. Originating from a now-abandoned village near Messinia, this strain is a testament to the enduring spirit of local farmers. Initially cultivated over 30 years by a dedicated family, it represents a piece of Greek agricultural history, surviving legal pressures and the test of time.

Characterized by its red hues under colder conditions, Kalamata Red bears the hallmarks of a classic hash plant with a twist. The latest breeding efforts have focused on creating shorter, more resilient plants, ensuring faster flowering times without sacrificing quality. The potential Balkan and eastern Mediterranean origins add an exotic allure to its lineage.

Harvesting in late October, this strain offers hashy, herbal, and citrus terpenes, leading to a cerebral and uplifting effect. Kalamata Red is more than a cannabis variety; it’s a journey through Greek history, offering a blend of cultural legacy and modern breeding achievements. A true heirloom strain, it continues to provide inspiration and joy to those fortunate enough to cultivate and consume it.

Kalamata Red Grow Guide

Kalamata Red is a reasonably effortless cannabis chemovar to grow that succeeds in many areas.

Once the Kalamata Red Regular Seeds have sprouted, you may present them with light and water. Provide fertilizer when Kalamata Red has accomplished its sapling growing state.

The nugs are harvestable over a flowering time of 9–11 weeks, richly caked in resin and caked in crystals. Kalamata Red produces a gainful production of top-grade dominantly sativa flowers that provide pleasing Psychological, Inventive, Joyous, Potent experiences.

Stellar Seeds encourages the ScrOG approach for the best outcomes when producing this strain indoors to promote bud creation. Kalamata Red grows exceptionally nicely under the sun with phenomenal capacity. This fantastic weed plant solely wants satisfactory luminosity, water, and nutrition to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


The Real Seed Company


Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Powerful

Flowering Time

9–11 weeks

Flowering Type



Greek Heirloom


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

12 seeds




Mostly Sativa