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Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds on the net now from DNA Genetics with fast and secretive local delivery to your address in America.

Kosher Kush is a prized largely indica marijuana variety available to buy as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding weed herbs whereas normal seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at approximately even ratios.

Kosher Kush’s flowering species is Ordinary photo-period. Auto-flowering weed species bloom without regard to daylight hours whereas regular photoperiod cultivars adapt to sunlight hours.

The Kosher Kush x Kosher Kush heritage of Kosher Kush transfer the finest virtues to this weed phenotype. The final product has astonishing terpene combinations that provide first-rate fragrances and qualities.

Buying Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds by DNA Genetics will allow you to develop this phenomenal marijuana variety in your residence or any place at all.

Your Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds are swiftly mailed nationally in simply a short number of days from paying for these weed seeds on the net.

Innumerable American people use Stellar Seeds as the prime seed shop to purchase DNA Genetics stock at reduced prices. We introduce assured private shipping to all places in the U.S.

As the number one American-owned seed distributor for rare marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to shopper pleasure. Just connect with our cheerful customer service if you happen to want any support ordering Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds online.

Kosher Kush Strain Information

Kosher Kush, originating from California, stands out as an extraordinary strain that clinched the High Times Cannabis Cup Winner title in 2011 for the Indica Category. Renowned for its overpowering fragrance and high-quality yields, this strain imparts a sensation of being ‘blessed’ to those who partake in its buds. While it grows tall, strategic pruning can help manage its stature and enhance the yield, making it suitable for growers with varying levels of experience. Its favorable bud-to-leaf ratio simplifies the trimming process, making it less labor-intensive compared to other strains.

This strain, being a pure breed of Kosher Kush, maintains its unique characteristics through each generation, offering a consistent and reliable growth pattern and effect. With a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks, it yields between 450 to 550 grams per square meter. Despite its height, its manageable nature and excellent bud quality make it a favorite among both novice and seasoned cultivators. Kosher Kush’s popularity is not just limited to growers; its potent effects and ease of cultivation make it a recurring choice for users and cultivators alike.

The distinctiveness of Kosher Kush lies not only in its potent effects and substantial yields but also in its spiritual namesake, suggesting a transcendent experience for those who consume it. The strain’s tall stature and significant yields contribute to its reputation, making it a revered choice in the cannabis community. Whether for medical relief or spiritual exploration, Kosher Kush has become a beloved staple, continuing to bless its users with its exceptional qualities.

Kosher Kush Grow Guide

Kosher Kush is a reasonably uncomplicated weed variety to produce that prospers in most grow spots.

When the Kosher Kush Feminized Seeds have begun to grow, you are able to present them with illumination and water. Provide nutrition when Kosher Kush has accomplished its germination growing period.

The nugs are completed growing over a flowering time of 9–10 weeks, richly resinous and enveloped in trichome crystals. Kosher Kush provides a lucrative High harvest of superb largely indica buds that produce good Joyous, Highly effective, Stoney, Narcotic results.

Stellar Seeds urges the Screen Of Green methodology for ideal outcomes when producing this phenotype indoors to support bud building. Kosher Kush does really effectively under the sun with superb potentiality. This incredible marijuana plant solely demands ample daylight, moisture, and nutrients to fly high.

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Strain Data Sheet


DNA Genetics


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

9–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Kosher Kush x Kosher Kush


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 seeds, 6 seeds




Mostly Indica