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Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds on the net right away from Nirvana with fast and low-key local delivery in America.

Lithium OG Kush is a prominent dominantly indica marijuana chemovar available to buy as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding ganja herbs whereas common seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at approximately even sets.

Lithium OG Kush’s flowering kind is Ordinary photoperiod. Autoflower herb cultivars bloom without regard to daylight hours whereas standard photoperiod phenotypes conform to sunlight hours.

The OG Kush x Master Kush lineage of Lithium OG Kush bring forth the supreme aspects to this weed strain. The end product has extraordinary terpenes that provide marvelous odors and qualities.

Buying Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds by Nirvana will enable you to cultivate this fantastic weed chemovar in your home or somewhere at all.

Your Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds are swiftly forwarded nationally in simply a number of days from paying for these herb seeds on the net.

Many American consumers use Stellar Seeds as the finest seed shop to purchase Nirvana goods at discounted rates. We provide ensured careful packaging to all places in the U.S.

As the number one patriotic shop for supreme marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is bound to buyer happiness. Just talk to our agreeable support should you want any help purchasing Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds online.

Lithium OG Kush Strain Information

The title Lithium OG Kush is given in tribute to our namesake band: an epic group from Seattle, USA. Lithium OG Kush is well-known amongst medical customers for its wonderful anti-depressive and anti-anxiolytic aspects. We searched painstakingly for an supreme OG Kush mom and crossed her with one of our most stable Master Kush males. The thought was the 2 would mesh nicely due to the shared Hindu Kush genes. It’s a chemovar probably high in THC but with low CBD content.

These plants are dense and bushy that includes very massive flower clusters. Trimming and pruning is really helpful. Nugs have a light green color and are liberally soaked in crystals. Flowering is fast and vigorous and the crystals can be milky in 8 to 9 weeks and available for crop.

The aroma and style of the Lithium OG Kush is paying homage to the Sour Diesel. It’s fairly lemony at first however then shortly turns fruity that includes a grapefruit aroma with a lingering odor of diesel.

It’s an extremely euphoric and uplifting high which explains its anti-depressive and anti-anxiolytic properties.

Lithium OG Kush Grow Guide

Lithium OG Kush is a reasonably uncomplicated ganja chemovar to care for that prospers in many growing zones.

As soon as your Lithium OG Kush Regular Seeds have begun to grow, you’ll be able to present them with sunshine and water. Provide plant food when Lithium OG Kush has finalized its germination growing period.

The budlets are done over a flowering time of 56–63 days, amply oozing with resin and soaked in crystals. Lithium OG Kush offers a productive crop of phenomenal dominantly indica nuggets that supply good experiences.

Stellar Seeds suggests the Screen Of Green approach for the best harvests when producing this strain indoors to advance bud creation. Lithium OG Kush grows especially nicely outdoor with respectable yield potential. This remarkable weed plant solely demands satisfactory luminosity, moisture, and plant food to triumph.

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Strain Data Sheet



Flowering Time

56–63 days

Flowering Type



OG Kush x Master Kush

Medical Properties


Pack Size

10 seeds

Plant Height

70cm–120 cm




Mostly Indica