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Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds on-line pronto from Nirvana with fast and stealth local shipment in America.

Mango Skunk is a distinguished Indica / Sativa cannabis cultivar on sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine ganja herbs whereas typical seeds provide masculine and feminine plants at practically even percentages.

Mango Skunk’s flowering species is Regular photo-period. Autoflower weed chemovars bloom notwithstanding day length whereas ordinary photoperiod cultivars adjust to sunlight hours.

The Mango x Venus Flytrap (Skunk Special x (Jock Horror x Skunk #1)) heritage of Mango Skunk bring forth the perfect properties to this cannabis chemovar. The end product has marvelous terpene medleys that result in incredible scents and tastes.

Buying Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds by Nirvana will enable you to cultivate this wonderful marijuana cultivar in your residence or any place at all.

Your Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped without going thru customs in simply a couple days from paying for these weed seeds on the net.

Umpteen American consumers use Stellar Seeds as the supreme online seedbank to purchase Nirvana stock at modest prices. We extend foolproof camouflaged packaging to all places in the U.S.

As the legitimate patriotic distributor for phenomenal cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to consumer fulfillment. Please do email our kind customer care in the event you want any support shopping for Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds online.

Mango Skunk Strain Information

The Nirvana staff got here to play with the Mango Kush, a newly created cultivar that resulted in the crossing of a mango clone as a mother and a Venus flytrap father (a Skunk dominant cultivar).

The skunky maiden has a light to medium green colour alongside typical Indica fan leaves. She features 3 phenos – one leaning extra in direction of the Sativa facet (tall and fairly branchy) whereas the opposite two are clearly Indica dominant with a short to medium stature. It’s price noting although that branch structure does range between the 2.

The Mango aroma is sort of discrete, a creamy and barely fruity really feel with an earthy undertone. The flavour nonetheless is something however. She has clearly been influenced by the sativa genes of both the Jack Herer and Skunk Special, and incorporates a mango explosion alongside a touch of cinnamon haze.

The high, regardless of being an Indica dominant cultivar, is clearly influenced by the Sativa genes ensuing in an uplifting, activating, stimulating high that goes on, and on, and on…

Mango Skunk Grow Guide

Mango Skunk is a reasonably easygoing ganja cultivar to grow that succeeds in most grow spots.

As soon as the Mango Skunk Feminized Seeds have popped up, you may present them with sunshine and water. Provide amendments when Mango Skunk has concluded its sprouting development state.

The nugs are completed growing following a flowering time of 63–77 days, amply resinous and coated in kief. Mango Skunk offers a gratifying harvest of marvelous Indica / Sativa flowers that supply gratifying results.

Stellar Seeds encourages the ScrOG methodology for optimum product when producing this chemovar indoors to increase bud performance. Mango Skunk does really effectively outside with awesome growth sizes. This astounding marijuana plant solely wants satisfactory luminosity, moisture, and nutrition to succeed.

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Strain Data Sheet



Flowering Time

63–77 days

Flowering Type



Mango x Venus Flytrap (Skunk Special x (Jock Horror x Skunk #1))

Pack Size

5 seeds

Plant Height





Indica / Sativa