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Northern Lights Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Northern Lights Feminized Seeds on-line promptly from Sensi Seeds with fast and stealthy national delivery anywhere in America.

Northern Lights is a prestigious Indica marijuana plant for sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding ganja herbs whereas conventional seeds provide masculine and feminine plants at close to even percentages.

Northern Lights’s flowering species is Ordinary photo-period. Auto dope species bloom irrespective of daylight hours whereas regular photoperiod phenotypes react to sunlight hours.

The PNW Afghan heritage of Northern Lights impart the perfect merits to this weed chemovar. The harvest has breathtaking terpene compositions that bring forth remarkable scents and qualities.

Buying Northern Lights Feminized Seeds by Sensi Seeds will allow you to develop this extraordinary marijuana plant indoors, outdoors, or wherever more.

Your Northern Lights Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped locally in simply a number of days from paying for these dope seeds on the internet.

Numerous American consumers use Stellar Seeds as the most reputable online store to purchase Sensi Seeds goods at cheap prices. We extend ensured inconspicuous shipping methods to all places in the U.S.

As the trustworthy domestic seed supplier for first-class marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to shopper pleasure. Simply talk to our sociable customer care if you happen to want any support obtaining Northern Lights Feminized Seeds online.

Northern Lights Strain Information

The feminized version of Northern Lights is a 90% indica strain, distinguished by its soothing effects, reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis. Its compact nature and high yield potential make it a favorite among growers. The strain emits a unique earthy scent with fruity and herbal undertones, which is also reflected in its flavor profile.

With its ease of cultivation and significant yield, this strain appeals to both beginners and experienced growers alike. Its indica dominance ensures a compact growth, ideal for discreet cultivation, and promises a deeply relaxing experience. The aroma and taste carry through the earthy and rich notes typical of indica strains, with hints of fruit and herb adding complexity.

The feminized seeds of Northern Lights, a blend of Thai and Afghani genetics, favor a compact structure and a short flowering time, making it appealing for those seeking quick turnaround times or multiple harvests within a year. The plants respond well to various training techniques, such as SOG and SCROG, maximizing yield potential in both indoor and outdoor settings. The buds are coated in resin, thriving in warmer climates or controlled indoor environments.

Northern Lights Grow Guide

Northern Lights is a reasonably effortless ganja plant to produce that performs well in most situations.

Once the Northern Lights Feminized Seeds have started to grow, you may present them with sunlight and water. Provide fertilizer when Northern Lights has finalized its sapling development stage.

The budlets are done following a flowering time of 45–50 days, totally oozing with resin and coated in trics. Northern Lights supplies a noteworthy High production of magnificent Indica nugs that provide good Joyous, Robust, Stoney, Narcotic feelings.

Stellar Seeds urges the SCROG methodology for the finest outcomes when producing this chemovar indoors to advance bud output. Northern Lights grows outstandingly properly outdoor with incredible capability. This great marijuana plant solely demands satisfactory sunshine, moisture, and nutrition to fly high.

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Strain Data Sheet


Sensi Seeds


Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing, Physical

Flowering Time

45–50 days

Flowering Type



PNW Afghan


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 seeds