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Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds on the web this instant from Royal Queen Seeds with fast and secretive local shipping to your address in America.

Pink Runtz is a prestigious Hybrid marijuana cultivar retailed as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot flowers whereas typical seeds give masculine and feminine plants at almost even sets.

Pink Runtz’s flowering kind is Regular photo-period. Auto-flowering dope chemovars bloom ignoring lighting schedule whereas regular photoperiod genetics react to sunlight hours.

The Gelato x Zkittlez x Pink Panties parents of Pink Runtz bring forth the elite aspects to this marijuana phenotype. The harvest has phenomenal terpene medleys that result in great scents and essences.

Buying Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds will allow you to develop this fantastic weed cultivar in your home or wherever more.

Your Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped without going thru customs in simply a number of days from paying for these dope seeds on the internet.

Innumerable American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the leading online seedbank to purchase Royal Queen Seeds goods at the most affordable prices. We extend reliable low-key shipping to all places in the U.S.

As the original American-owned seed store for great marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is devoted to buyer pleasure. Simply reach out to our helpful customer service in the event you want any support ordering Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds online.

Pink Runtz Strain Information

Pink Runtz, a feminized strain from Royal Queen Seeds, is a testament to hybrid vigor, combining Gelato, Zkittlez, and Pink Panties. This genetic mix produces medium-sized, vigorous plants with potential for high THC levels. The plants can exhibit stunning pink or purple hues, adding aesthetic value to their robust yields.

This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors, reaching heights of up to 180cm, and is particularly suited to climates with long, sunny autumns. Indoor growers can expect substantial yields after 8-9 weeks of flowering, while outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased with the generous returns come mid-October. The aroma profile is notably sweet, dominated by pineapple nuances, making for an enticing grow experience.

With THC levels potentially soaring up to 26%, Pink Runtz delivers a powerful, sociable buzz accompanied by cerebral stimulation and longevity. Its balanced nature affords a unique blend of euphoria and relaxation, making it a favorite for social gatherings or creative pursuits. Despite its potency, the effect remains uplifting, ensuring a pleasurable experience from start to finish.

Pink Runtz Grow Guide

Pink Runtz is a reasonably straightforward pot cultivar to propagate that succeeds in most settings.

As soon as your Pink Runtz Feminized Seeds have popped up, you can now present them with sunshine and water. Provide fertilizer when Pink Runtz has accomplished its sprout development cycle.

The flowers are completed growing following a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, perfectly soaked with resin and caked in sugar crystals. Pink Runtz produces a productive Good harvest of marvelous Hybrid flowers that deliver pleasing Heady, Joyful, Potent, Tranquil sensations.

Stellar Seeds suggests the ScrOG process for the very best product when producing this phenotype indoors to increase bud output. Pink Runtz grows really nicely under the sun with fantastic capability. This sensational weed plant solely requires adequate daylight, water, and nutrition to fly high.

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Strain Data Sheet


Royal Queen Seeds

CBD Content



Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

8–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Gelato x Zkittlez x Pink Panties


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds

Plant Height




THC Content

26 pct.