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Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds on the web right away from Mosca Seeds with fast and stealthy national transport in America.

Planet Hulk S1 is a revered Hybrid marijuana cultivar on the open market as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding reefer herbs whereas conventional seeds give pollinating and feminine plants at roughly even ratios.

Planet Hulk S1’s flowering sort is Ordinary photo-period. Autoflower dope strains bloom ignoring day length whereas photo-type strains adjust to sunlight hours.

The Planet Hulk (Bruce Banner#3 x Indiana Bubble Gum) x Planet Hulk (Bruce Banner#3 x Indiana Bubble Gum) lineage of Planet Hulk S1 give the utmost best natures to this cannabis variety. The crop has fabulous terpene compositions that create astonishing scents and essences.

Buying Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds by Mosca Seeds will allow you to develop this terrific weed cultivar in your residence or somewhere more.

Your Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds are swiftly posted within the country in simply a handful of days from buying these dope seeds on the net.

So many American people use Stellar Seeds as the most reputable cannabis seed bank to purchase Mosca Seeds stock at the best prices. We give dependable low-key shipment to all areas in the U.S.

As the trusted domestic store for rare marijuana seeds, Stellar Seeds is loyal to buyer gratification. Simply reach out to our outgoing sales service for those who want any help obtaining Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds online.

Planet Hulk S1 Strain Information

Originating from a special selection among female plants, Planet Hulk S1 is a cross between Bruce Banner #3 and Indiana Bubble Gum. This strain stands out for its good to heavy yields and resin-coated buds, ideal for those interested in making high-quality extracts.

The plants reach a medium height of 4 to 5 feet, suitable for indoor cultivation with limited space. With a flowering period of 63 to 65 days, growers can anticipate a rewarding harvest of resinous buds that are both potent and abundant.

Particularly suited for extract makers due to its resinous nature, Planet Hulk S1 offers a lucrative opportunity for those looking to produce concentrates, hash, and other derivatives from their homegrown cannabis.

Planet Hulk S1 Grow Guide

Planet Hulk S1 is a reasonably effortless reefer cultivar to produce that does well in many areas.

When your Planet Hulk S1 Feminized Seeds have begun to grow, you are able to present them with illumination and water. Provide fertilizer when Planet Hulk S1 has finalized its sapling development stage.

The flowers are harvestable following a flowering time of 63–65 days, abundantly hashy and buried in frost. Planet Hulk S1 offers a noteworthy High production of first-rate Hybrid flowers that provoke gratifying Psychedelic, Elating, Highly effective, Calming results.

Stellar Seeds proposes the ScrOG approach for ideal performance when producing this variety indoors to support bud output. Planet Hulk S1 behaves notably nicely outside with terrific growth sizes. This fantastic weed plant solely craves satisfactory lighting, moisture, and plant food to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


Mosca Seeds


Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

63–65 days

Flowering Type



Planet Hulk (Bruce Banner#3 x Indiana Bubble Gum) x Planet Hulk (Bruce Banner#3 x Indiana Bubble Gum)


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

6 seeds