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Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds on-line as soon as possible from Pheno Finder Seeds with fast and low-key nationwide shipment in America.

Purple Strawberry Bliss is a beloved predominantly sativa cannabis chemovar on sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot flowers whereas common seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at practically even spreads.

Purple Strawberry Bliss’s flowering species is Regular photoperiod. Autoflower dope strains bloom no matter the daylight time whereas regular photoperiod cultivars adapt to sunlight hours.

The Cheese Berry Freak Pheno S1 parents of Purple Strawberry Bliss give the supreme natures to this weed strain. The outcome has fabulous terpene combinations that bring forth superb fragrances and qualities.

Buying Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds by Pheno Finder Seeds will allow you to develop this splendid cannabis chemovar indoors, outdoors, or any place otherwise.

Your Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds are swiftly sent within the country in simply a couple days from paying for these dope seeds on the internet.

Umpteen American growers use Stellar Seeds as the most trusted online shop to purchase Pheno Finder Seeds wares at favorable prices. We present dependable discreet shipping to all areas in the U.S.

As the trustworthy domestic shop for supreme cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is bound to buyer fulfillment. Do send an email to our considerate support when you want any support purchasing Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds online.

Purple Strawberry Bliss Strain Information

Purple Strawberry Bliss S1, an offering from Pheno Finder Seeds, is a select phenotype from Cheeseberry seeds acquired from Holland. This sativa strain stands out with its intense terpene profile, making it one of the most aromatic sativas available. It displays a captivating array of colors, ranging from green to purple, red, and blue. Although it may not be a high-yielder, its other qualities more than compensate for this.

The strain has been recognized, notably achieving third place at the IC 420 Sativa Cup in 2014 in Amsterdam. Its relatively short flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks results in buds that showcase a rainbow of colors. The combination of its striking appearance and potent strawberry aroma makes it a special occasion choice, akin to a fine wine or gourmet meal.

Purple Strawberry Bliss S1 is also notable for its THC content, which ranges between 15–20%. The effects are predominantly sativa, characterized by energizing, creative, and uplifting sensations, followed by a relaxing comedown. It’s a strain that sativa aficionados will find rewarding, both in terms of flavor and effect.

Purple Strawberry Bliss Grow Guide

Purple Strawberry Bliss is a reasonably undemanding pot chemovar to develop that performs greatly in many places.

When your Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminized Seeds have sprouted, you now can present them with sunlight and water. Provide amendments when Purple Strawberry Bliss has fulfilled its sapling development cycle.

The nugs are done over a flowering time of 9–10 weeks, profusely sticky and soaked in trichome crystals. Purple Strawberry Bliss produces a gainful Medium harvest of top-grade predominantly sativa flowers that produce enjoyable Elevated, Thought-provoking, Elating, Effective highs.

Stellar Seeds encourages the SCROG approach for optimum performance when producing this strain indoors to promote bud creation. Purple Strawberry Bliss grows really effectively under the sun with grand capacity. This super cannabis plant solely demands satisfactory luminosity, water, and nutrients to flourish.

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Strain Data Sheet


Pheno Finder Seeds


Cerebral, Creative, Euphoric, Powerful

Flowering Time

9–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Cheese Berry Freak Pheno S1


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

5 seeds



THC Content

15–20 pct.


Mostly Sativa