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Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds on-line right now from DNA Genetics with fast and stealth internal shipping to your location in America.

Purple Wreck is a revered Hybrid ganja plant up for sale as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely budding dope herbs whereas normal seeds grow pollinating and feminine plants at approximately even spreads.

Purple Wreck’s flowering kind is Conventional photo-period. Autoflower ganja chemovars bloom ignoring day length whereas ordinary photoperiod varieties adjust to sunlight hours.

The Purple Urkel x Train Wreck (T4) lineage of Purple Wreck bestow the perfect aspects to this weed species. The end product has awesome terpene medleys that create incredible odors and tastes.

Buying Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds by DNA Genetics will allow you to develop this awesome marijuana plant inside, outdoors, or somewhere more.

Your Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds are swiftly posted without going thru customs in simply a number of days from buying these ganja seeds on the net.

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As the top States-based seeds bank for supreme ganja seeds, Stellar Seeds is driven to buyer happiness. Please do reach out to our helpful support for those who want any support obtaining Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds online.

Purple Wreck Strain Information

Purple Wreck is a unique strain that combines the sought-after California staple, Purple Urkel, with the vigorous Train Wreck (T4) male. This crossbreeding has resulted in a plant that maintains the appealing qualities of Urkel while enhancing its growth speed, courtesy of the Train Wreck genetics. The result is a plant that is admired for its short stature, early flowering period, and the production of dense, resinous buds, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal of any cannabis enthusiast.

The genetic makeup of Purple Wreck leans towards an indica dominance, with a ratio of 60:40 (indica to sativa). This composition contributes to its relatively quick flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks and yields ranging between 400 to 500 grams per square meter. The strain is celebrated for its large, dense buds that take on a beautiful purple hue, combining visual appeal with substantial harvests.

Flavor and aroma wise, Purple Wreck inherits the sweet and fruity notes of the Purple Urkel, which dominate its profile. This makes the strain particularly appealing to those who favor sweet, berry-like flavors in their cannabis. Moreover, the effects of Purple Wreck are well-balanced, providing users with a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria, making it an excellent choice for both recreational and medicinal use.

Purple Wreck Grow Guide

Purple Wreck is a reasonably straightforward dope plant to propagate that flourishes in many climates.

When your Purple Wreck Feminized Seeds have started to grow, you may present them with illumination and water. Provide plant food when Purple Wreck has accomplished its germination growing period.

The nugs are harvestable following a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, completely sticky and caked in sugar crystals. Purple Wreck provides a lucrative Good harvest of terrific Hybrid flowers that provide gratifying Elevated, Delightful, Robust, Peaceful results.

Stellar Seeds suggests the ScrOG approach for the best performance when producing this species indoors to increase bud composition. Purple Wreck behaves especially effectively outside with noteworthy yield potential. This stellar marijuana plant solely wants satisfactory radiance, moisture, and nutrients to prosper.

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Strain Data Sheet


DNA Genetics


Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Flowering Time

8–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Purple Urkel x Train Wreck (T4)


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 seeds, 6 seeds