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Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds For Sale in the U.S.

Buy Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds on the internet as soon as possible from Royal Queen Seeds with fast and stealthy in-country shipping anywhere in America.

Royal CBDV Auto is a distinguished dominantly sativa cannabis plant available to buy as Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds develop solely feminine pot herbs whereas standard seeds grow masculine and feminine plants at almost even spreads.

Royal CBDV Auto’s flowering species is Autoflowering. Autoflowering ganja strains bloom notwithstanding day length whereas standard photo-period genetics adapt to sunlight hours.

The Solomatic CBD x Durban Poison genes of Royal CBDV Auto contribute the supreme properties to this cannabis variety. The crop has astounding terpene compositions that make astonishing odors and tastes.

Buying Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds will let you crop this prodigious weed plant in your home or anyplace at all.

Your Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds are swiftly shipped without going thru customs in simply a couple days from buying these ganja seeds online.

Umpteen American buyers use Stellar Seeds as the preferred online seedbank to purchase Royal Queen Seeds wares at affordable prices. We extend secured camouflaged shipment to all areas in the U.S.

As the exemplary domestic shop for supreme cannabis seeds, Stellar Seeds is dedicated to consumer fulfillment. Simply get in touch with our agreeable product service should you want any aid purchasing Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds online.

Royal CBDV Auto Strain Information

Royal CBDV Auto Feminized produces the very best portions of CBDV (cannabidivarin) in the RQS ganja seeds catalog. Royal CBDV Auto produces equal portions of CBDV and CBD at 5% of every of these cannabinoids, a mix that provides a clear-headed and soothing effect with no psycho-active high in any respect because of low ranges of THC at simply 0.3%.

The breeding programme crossed Solomatic CBD with the pure sativa genes of Durban Poison to create a hybrid with 75% sativa genes, 20% indica, and 5% ruderalis.
Royal CBDV Auto produces dense and resinous nuggets in 8 – 9 weeks from seed. Indoor plants develop to a height of 70 – 80 cm. producing as much as 450g/m². Their small height implies that a small grow-tent or cabinet gives sufficient room for cultivation. Outside plants develop taller at 80 – 100 cm. and producing 110 – 150g/plant.

Along with an array of earthy and pine terpenes, this cannabinoid profile gives a clear-headed and energising effect that enhances focus.

Royal CBDV Auto Grow Guide

Royal CBDV Auto is a reasonably straightforward pot plant to care for that succeeds in most growing zones.

Once the Royal CBDV Auto Feminized Seeds have started to grow, you possibly can present them with sunlight and water. Provide nutes when Royal CBDV Auto has concluded its sapling growing state.

The nuggets are harvestable following a flowering time of 56–63 days from seed, perfectly soaked with resin and topped in kief. Royal CBDV Auto gives a productive production of first-rate dominantly sativa flowers that provide nice feelings.

Stellar Seeds encourages the ScrOG methodology for optimum performance when producing this variety indoors to advance bud building. Royal CBDV Auto does notably effectively under the sun with splendid capacity. This extraordinary weed plant solely wants sufficient light, moisture, and nutrition to triumph.

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Strain Data Sheet


Royal Queen Seeds

CBD Content

5 + 5 CBDV pct.

Flowering Time

56–63 days from seed

Flowering Type



Solomatic CBD x Durban Poison

Medical Properties


Pack Size

1 seed, 10 seeds, 3 seeds, 5 seeds

Plant Height

Indoors: 70–80 cm; Outdors: 80–100 cm.



THC Content

0.3 pct.


Mostly Sativa